Friday, April 27, 2007


The physical structure of the Stargate is a three dimensional copper structure built from copper pipes into a specific geometric pattern. This pattern is made up of triangles into the shape of an octahedron at the top and four diamonds in each corner of the octahedron, all held up by several extensions that act as legs that meet in four corners at the base and the base is in the shape of a four pointed star. The Stargate’s geometric pattern creates space inside the structure within which people may sit and meditate or just absorb the Stargate’s energy vibration.

The geometry patterns of the Stargate produces an energy vibration that can be felt by just being in the same room as a Stargate. This energy field acts as a powerful amplifier of energy just like a massive, gigantic crystal. The Stargate’s particular energy field, energy vibration, is higher than our dimensional vibration and creates an opening between dimensions, the Stargate acts as a portal, a doorway, between dimensions. The energy field of the Stargate merges different dimensional vibrations into more of a unified field. Through this vibrational shift the veils between different dimensions thins drastically and contact is made more easily between dimensions, we make contact with spirit guides, helpers and guardian angels and they make contact more easily with us.

The Stargate’s force, higher vibrational frequency, speeds up the energy vibration, raises the frequency, of all things it comes in contact with; persons, bodies, minds, buildings, space, land areas, objects. This higher vibration creates an alteration of energetic grids that leads to change in the cellular and molecular structure of matter. As the Stargate’s force begins to alter the vibration of all things it comes in contact with, energy grids change and so do experiences; worldly, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual, creative and so on.

When we use a Stargate we first allow for sacred space to be created in a room by the presence of the Stargate energy. Then we gather a group of people together and invite all to meditation with the Stargate. We use especially selected music to heighten the experience of the mediation, as sound and energy work well together, and use guided or channeled meditations to journey through dimensional experiences. The Stargate can of course also be used for private sessions for individuals who wish to use the Stargate in a healing or channeling session.

The primary experiences that people have through the Stargate is personal healing that extend to remembering ones soul origin, soul journey and soul purpose. The Stargate activate dormant encoded cell - memories of who one is, where one is from and what one has come here to do. The Stargate is also a powerful tool for space and land clearing. Mostly we use the Stargate to assists in the awakening of soul memory and the activation of soul purpose. When we work with the Stargate we work very closely with and take help and guidance from beings of light, spirit guides and guardian angels.

The Stargate also has an etheric fifth dimensional crystaline structure that continuously sends energy into our dimension and our geometric copper structure acts as a physical body and receiver of the frequencies of this higher dimensional etheric Stargate. The etheric Stargate has the same shape as the physical copper structure but is much, much larger.

Stargate structures were used on Atlantis in ancient times as teleportation devices and healing chambers. The structure of the Stargate and the information on how to use it was given to Prageet Harris in the 1980’s through several channelings received by him from a group of 12 of the Ashtar Command. He was instructed in how to build it step by step and informed of the energies that come through the Stargate and of how to use these energies for group healing experiences. Stargates stand today all over the United States and Europe and has affected thousands and thousands of people in their personal cosmic awakening journey. Many have taken the training and become Stargate facilitators.