Friday, April 27, 2007


I have added here some articles explaining the metaphysical energy work I have done over the years as a shamanic spiritual healer and psychic medium. These articles are of course only touching extremely lightly upon each subject as my intention here was to be as brief and light as possible yet offer some insight into my world, my work and experience.



There’s the world of matter. Behind the world of matter and permeating through the world of matter is the world of energy.

Everything in existence is first translated from divine mind into energy, is recorded in and as energy. Energy exists and moves as grids, patterns, swirls and fields. Matter is a direct reflection of / manifestation of energy and the manifest world is a solidification of these grids, swirls and patterns. Energy exists, one could say, on a different vibrational reality than matter, on a different dimension and can be perceived through the nervous system.

By opening to ones inner multidimensional reality one can train oneself to perceive all energy fields and sense the patterns of recorded information in all levels of energetic existence. Energy fields can be observed, read, and also transformed if desired.

Energy can be intentionally affected by our brain waves; our mind and our intent, which are also energy. A trained metaphysical, etheric energy worker can alter, affect and change the realities we experience in the manifest world by putting an effect on and altering energy patterns, grids and energy fields as changed energy patterns changes the world around us. When an energy structure changes its flow or pattern the physical world changes as a direct result. Mind over matter, if you want.

Ones outer life is a perfect reflection of on
es inner world, ones energy make - up. Changing ones life takes more than desire and actions sometimes. Sometimes it takes change in the inner world as well, changing ones "patterns"; emotional, mental, behavioral habits, subconscious beliefs, auric grids and so on. Changing ones inner world is necessary to have the desired change take place in ones outer life.

The amount of change that is necessary in the energy grids all depends on how the energy grids are structured and how much change is desired in the world. Creation, attraction and manifestation take longer in time the more there is in the grids that need to change. When more work and change is necessary, perhaps further out in the grids and relating structures, the longer it takes to achieve the manifestation of the desired results. This is why intent manifests in time differently each time.


Shaman is originally a Siberian word that is used in modern times by anthropologists describing a person with a certain spiritual world view and depth of spirit and shamanism describes the spiritual practices of this someone.

A shaman is someone who has through intense initiation split intern
ally; spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and by this has become open to other realms and realities and now stands perfectly and permanently as a doorway between dimensions; between this world and the world of spirit. Major cracks in ones being, usually through life trauma; loss, grief, rape, illness, near death experience and other intensely life threatening experiences create a continuous deepening of world perspective through the healing journey that follows. These openings allow the shaman to begin to see the world in all its dimensions. Through many more initiations and guided instructions, a shaman learns to move between the worlds, to shift consciousness through the dimensional realities and to extend her awareness out onto the grids and reach everywhere. A shaman often continues on an inward ever deepening journey.

A shaman is someone who sees that all things have spirit and that anyone can connect with the spirit of things through their own spirit and thus affect the world around us. Shamanism is the practice of working with the spirit of all things, behind all things. Animals, plants, trees and flowers, rocks, the earth, objects and so on have conscious energy, power, which is used for different purposes. Shamans, as they stand in between realms, are also connected to and can communicate with the spirits or beings in the higher or lower dimensions, realms, planes and parallel realities; nature spirits, devas, angels, elementals, demons, fairies, spirit guides, astral bodies, ghosts, etc. A shaman knows that the world of matter, the world we can see, is not the whole reality and that everything exists in a multidimensional system.

A shaman is usually capable of moving into altered states of consciousness using slight trance to fetch information or have visions. The shaman can reach her consciousness out through the dimensional grids and affect change. She may move her spirit body out from her physical body to go and do spiritual work in some other location both in this plane and on other planes or both at the same time. Different shamans all have different journeys, of course, different experiences that led them to the journey, different initiations and different practices and no shaman practices all things. All shamans though have very similar, if not same, world views and perspective on reality.

From my shamanic perspective I perceive a multidimensional reality system that is infinite in all ways. This dimensional reality does not only go out into space but also inward infinitely into all of our beingness. As an initiate I work not with herbs or with the power of objects, nor with plants, elementals, planetary orbs or vision quests. I work with dimensions and grids of energy fields to find guidance and information, to alter and change perceived reality and experiences for the people I serve. To achieve particular goals the frequency and set-up of the grids of all dimensional realities must be cleared and restored to perfect balance; for full and permanent good function of flow, truth, abundance, prosperity, healing, awakenings, realization., well – being , etc. Grids and frequencies must then be laid out in the manner that will create the desired results. As a spiritual healer I use the energy of the grids and multidimensional systems to restore natural balance and healing of spirit and soul which affect healing; emotional, mental, financial, creative, spiritual, relationship and so on. As a psychic visionary I use the grids and inter - dimensional reality systems to perceive personalities, soul blue – prints, futures, health issues, necessary work and necessary changes and infinitely so much more.

I cannot explain shamanic training. Shamanism is more like something that happens, a path to follow, and training is something unique to each individual and is provided by life experience. One is never “practicing” shamanism, it’s more like a way of life and a way of seeing things, a way that life offers itself to you. Shamanism is what you are and how you live and see the world, how and what you experience and not so much about what you can do for others, not about how you can serve as that. Shamanism pulls you continuously on a journey inward and it is not about how you express it but rather about what you encounter within, what you yourself experience and how you transform from it. Shamanism is a journey through life. Life and circumstances teaches what is necessary and shows the way. One cannot learn shamanism from books or teachers but it is rather a continuous inner journey through life as an initiation. Training only illuminates what you already are or what you are already experiencing.


All matter vibrates. Different matter vibrates in different speed, called frequency. Speed of frequency determines density and lightness of particular matter. Higher vibration / speed / frequency matter have molecules further apart and holds more light / space than lower density matter which holds less light / space and have its molecules closer together. Stone has more density than wood, wood has more density than water, water has more density that air, air has more density than emotions, emotions have more density than thoughts and thoughts have more density than spirit. All matter vibrates on different frequencies.

Throughout creation, the infinite world of matter, there are many realities parallel to one another and superimposed upon and through one another. All these realities are called dimensions. There exist an infinite number of dimensions both outward into infinite space and inward into themselves. Each dimension exists / vibrates on its own unique frequency. Each dimension holds within itself several planes, each plane also with its own unique frequency.

Several dimensions may meet and merge through one another at certain times creating altogether new fields of dimension. Dimensions may transfer of themselves into and onto the connecting dimensions altering the other connecting dimensions. Dimensions may also change their frequencies, alter their vibration, and by that create new reality systems within themselves as well as touch and alter the connecting dimensions in new ways. We live in a period of such an occurrence right now.

Each plane and each dimension hold within themselves certain reality systems and when one moves energetically into or onto another plane or vibration within ones dimension, reality changes, what is possible and how things work all changes. Reality systems in themselves always change, expand, grow and shift. Nothing ever stays the same and so we grow and change with it as human beings.

Just as we humans live within the so called third dimensional earth plane there are conscious and intelligent beings living in other dimensions, lower as well as higher. We talk of the first and second dimensions where magical creatures live such as fairies, little people, elves, gnomes, devas, nature spirits, dragons, unicorns and others. We talk more often of the fourth dimension where we have our own spirits and astral bodies as well as the diseased that have not gone into the light, lower level entities, elementals, demons and all sorts of boogies, things that go bump in the night. On the fifth dimension we have the Ashtar command, space brotherhood and other E.T.s that help the people on Earth. The sixth dimension hold the Intergalactic Federation, the sixth and seventh dimensions hold beings of light of many kinds and with many different functions, beings living mostly in light - body and not in physical body with great and high consciousness. The eighth dimension and up hold angels of all kinds and the ascended masters. All of us have contact with these conscious beings in all other dimensions, some of us are more aware of this and others are not so aware of this. Most people call the people, our friends and helpers, in other dimensions that contact us spirit guides or guardian angels and there are also interference or demons whose work it is to challenge us to deepen our commitment to our path. We talk today mostly of the fourth to the twelfth dimensions but there are infinite numbers of consciousness fields.

The human being with soul, spirit, consciousness, mind, emotions and body is also a field of crisscrossing dimensional realities. As one works with healing energies and psychic awareness one is to be thorough enough to clear and balance all the dimensional fields within the human being to achieve the ultimate result and permanence.

Different parts of the brain hold different levels of awareness. Once the mind has opened to the kind of awareness used to perceive subtler realities this can be developed as the mind continus and with experience one will become able to translate each pulse of energy as a languag
es to expand in this particular area. Extra sensory perception uses the nervous system and the chakra system as perceptive organs and with training one can begin to sense clearly the subtler energiee into linear thought and imagery. This way one will develop the perception of dimensions, multi dimensional awareness.

The reason we do not see into the other dimensions with our physical eyes is that our eyes are not made for that purpose. Once the third eye, inner vision, develops one can begin to have glimpses of other realities. Just as fish in the ocean live in a dimension other than our dimension of air; we can look down into the water and see the fish but the fish have to change their perspective to catch a glimpse through the surface. Once a fish has been caught by man and brought up into the air and then thrown back into the sea it can say to the other fish it has been to the other side and back, has seen the beings in the light but was told he had to go back.

Change in consciousness alters ones perception of dimensional and plane realities. At some point all dimensions melt together as One Absolute both as experience and in awareness. This is called awakening.


In creation, throughout all of space and all dimensions, all levels of matter is created through and set up through a set of “grids” that systematically manifest and weave matter into all its levels of manifestation. Through these grids flows the energy that fuels all manifestations. It is as if all of space has meridians through it and energy flows through these meridians.

Our planet has grids surrounding it in very systematic patterns and perfectly laid out. We call these grids the Earth grid. The Earth grid sets up the structure for how all things work here, how things happen or take place in all our lives; social structures, relationships, personal and global, personal stories and so on. The Earth grid can be altered and changed. It can have tears and holes in it and it can be fixed and healed. When old dynamics fall away or have run their course, energy workers who work with the Earth grid will clear the Earth grid and restore into it newer patterns that will support new events.

Even individuals have grids, personal grids in and around their body and being that are called blue – prints. The blue – print is intimately connected into the cellular structure and cellular consciousness and regularly paste information from itself into the cellular consciousness. The blue – print holds the information of a person’s life, the spiritual and personal path through life, life purpose and information of all the things that exist to support one to accomplish ones soul mission. When an addition of light is moved through ones blue – print an activation occurs of information of these things that then will begin to surface in ones everyday awareness.

The blue – print is connected both to the Earth grid and the Universal grid and the Earth grid is of course connected to the Universal grid. This way all things are connected, we are all connected and all we do affect all of creation even if we may not see that right away.

When one works with grids one uses the force of the spirit through ones mind or spirit to assist the flow of energy through the systems of grids. If there is a creation in place through the grids one may alter this creation by changing the flow of energy though the grid system. Advanced practitioners may also change the very grid patterns for the same purpose of changing events, social structures or life experiences.

Weaving is a term used since ancient times that means the creating of new web patterns in the grid and entirely new grids implanted in the original grid system. Weaving takes place in several dimensions at the same time to support the placement of new grid patterns. Weaving is an ancient term for working with inter – dimensional grids that shamans and sorcerers practiced for the benefit of the tribe.

Grid works are performed through the inner worlds, the inner eye, vision and the cosmic inner of the mind. Grid works are always very ethereal, other worldly and inter - dimensional energy workings. Energy is always moved through the focus of the mind, sometimes connected together with intent or the spirit or the intent of the spirit. It is the higher dimensions of a human's consciousness that are used during these experiences and absolute expertise, initiation, experience and training are of utmost necessity.


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. The word is used in the west to describe the energy centers that reside within and around the physical body. These energy centers act as spin points of energy, gatherings of typical essences, forces and life qualities. Each of these energy centers governs a specific area of ones life experience. When they are clear and open the life experience is flowing and graceful. A chakra can also store influences such as mental and emotional memory imprints and can become very clouded, stuffed, cramped and stuck. They can also absorb and store energy influences from surrounding areas and other people’s negative patterns, thoughts and emotions. When this is the case life is rarely pleasant and experiences don’t flow very well. When a chakra is closed down instead of spinning freely and radiating openly, that which it governs is blocked in ones life.

The most talked about chakras are the seven chakras that are lined up along the spine from the tail bone to the top of the scull. Then there are several more chakras lined up above the crown and also below the root. I have become aware of, as I have worked with people in private hands – on healing sessions, four to six chakras above the head and six chakras between the legs lining up many feet below the body. There are also chakras in the palms of our hands, in the soles of our feet, in and behind the eyes, at every joint and in each fingertip and the aura is filled with these energy centers as well.

Very briefly I will list here what each of the main seven chakras represents. There is so very much to read about this, to deepen ones insight into the matter. I recommend Caroline Myss’ work on the chakras called ‘The anatomy of the spirit” among others. The placement of these main energy centers are along the spine up to the top of ones head. The first chakra is situated at the base of the spine and is called root chakra. It governs survival, manifestation in the material world, physical safety and security and the reproductive organs. The second chakra is called the Hara chakra and is situated just below the navel. It governs sexuality, creative flow and forces, everyday energy, creativity, adrenal and kidney function. The third chakra is called solar plexus and is situated between the navel and the breast bone. It governs self – esteem, confidence, personal identity, ones place in the world, stomach, liver, spleen, gut feeling and centeredness. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is situated right behind the breast bone. It governs, self – love, universal love, forgiveness, self – forgiveness, compassion, lungs and heart. The fifth chakra is called the throat chakra and is situated in the base of the neck. It governs self – expression, courage, speech, nerves, shoulders, neck and throat. The sixth chakra is called third eye and is situated behind the forehead. It governs instinct, insight, intuition, inner vision, brain, ears and eyes. The seventh chakra is situated at the top of the scull and is called the crown chakra. It governs spirituality, connectedness to the divine, guidance from the divine, expansion of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

The eighth chakra is located about six inches above the head. It governs the soul path and holds information and programs of ones experiences and journey through life, myths and archetypes. It holds the tools and equipment for everything one needs to create desires and destiny. The ninth chakra is located about 16 inches above the head. It governs the light of the spirit, manifestation of spirit and light – body. One can send this light into the body and transform how one thinks and delete beliefs and clear out the emotional body. The tenth chakra is located about three feet above the head. It governs ones galactic and cosmic supra consciousness. It is through this one travels inter - dimensionally and galactically. I have sensed two more chakras far above the head, the eleventh and twelfth, several yards above the head, which govern ones inner being’s inter – galactic work and multi – dimensional existence.

There is a major chakra in the space between the thighs which governs ones subconscious powers (travels to the under world, etc.). There is a chakra in the space between the calves that connect past and present into one circle. It governs past life experiences and memories and cell – memory. There is a chakra in the space just under the feet. It governs the subconscious mind.

There are, of course, an infinite number of chakras in the infinite multi – dimensionality of our beingness and the first chakra is the heart chakra, the center chakra from which all else spirals. This center is about the fundamental energy and building block of this universe – love.

We use our chakras to connect to the world around us. The energy of our chakras creates our lives. One may become aware of the energy within ones chakras and begin to use them consciously to better ones life. The energy from the chakras infuses the energy field around the body with their qualities and also sends itself out into the surroundings. This way we do in fact create our experiences since energy is the prime before materialization and attraction.

Chakras connect to the nervous system which is a translation organ of perception. We do not only send energy outwards into the surroundings but we also sense the energy in our surroundings and the energy coming from other people. One may sense other people’s thoughts, emotions and even subconscious patterns if one pays close attention. Other people sense our chakras and energy field as well. When this sensitivity is developed in all people in the future, there will be no secrets.


Aura is the shine of the light of spirit, essence or consciousness that permeates the physical body and radiates out from it. It can be seen as a silvery gray field shining out from the body about two inches. Aura is also the field of consciousness, that transverse and surrounds the physical body. It is made up of the soul, the spirit and the spirit bodies, the astral body, the mental field – the mental body and the radiance from the emotional field – the emotional body. Some very talented clairvoyants may see a variety of colors in the energy field of the greater aura. These colors signify different qualities in this field of energy.

The emotional body is connected to the first four chakras in the lower part of the physical body; the root chakra, the Hara chakra, the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. The mental body is connected to the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. The spirit body is connected to the chakras above the head.

I learned from my studies of theosophy in the early ‘90’s to observe the layers of the aura; the different fields that traverse one another and that have different reach and radiance. The mental body’s field is closer to the physical body that the emotional field and the spiritual field is closer still to the physical body but in other ways it reaches further. The astral body is somewhere in between. Of course, this is different in different individuals and in different situations.

I observed also that the field of energy, the aura, was not only layered in this dimension but also traversed into many parallel realities and dimensions. Full consciousness exists throughout all the dimensional realities and this can bee seen and experienced in the aura by developing multi - dimensional awareness. So when one uses energy work to restore anything or heal anything in a person one must consider the dimensional reality of the human being for full and permanent effect.

The aura, in the closest dimensions to ours, just like the physical body, has a meridian system called axiotonal lines. This system acts very much like the meridian system in the body in that it is a grid of transportation channels. The meridian system channels energy and the axiotonal system channels light and the frequency of sound. When these channels are open and free flowing things go well in the process of cosmic and spiritual awakening and remembrance and manifesting ones soul purpose. Keeping the axiotonal lines clear is essential to continuously access the information of ones heritage, soul history and incarnation purpose. The light channeled through the axiotonal lines touch upon cellularly encoded information that is then brought to the surface of ones consciousness as knowledge.

The aura also has chakras that gather, hold and send out energy into the field and its many dimensions. They act, among other things, as spin points and connection points in the axiotonal system and work with and through that system.

The aura vibrates with information of ones thoughts, emotions and all other patterns and dynamics of ones current life, parallel and past lives. These energy patterns can be fluid or stagnant. They are energy information that can be perceived by and translated by someone who has developed their skills in extra sensory perception and energy reading. The aura as a unified field is strongly affected by stimulants such as alcohol and drugs. When under the influence of any substance the aura expand immensely and become more translucent, the web that creates the aura becomes more porous and the effect remains even several days after a high. The porous energy field tends to absorb more from its environment than a normal and balanced energy field, even from and especially from parallel dimensions. Unnecessary and disturbing influences interfere with a person’s thoughts, emotions and everyday life. Possession and heavy interference from dark spirits is common. It is also quite impossible for an intuitive to be able to do a correct and accurate reading on someone who is intoxicated.

Just as it is tremendously beneficial to keep ones chakras clear and free flowing, it is of great importance to keep ones aura / energy field, clear, free, balanced and aligned. Clear energy affects the physical body positively as it transverses it and it affects positively also all manifestations in ones life. Energy density, holds, blockages or incorrect gatherings of energy in ones energy field are what create problems in ones life. Blocked energies in ones aura can be dissolved and removed through energy work, prayer or meditation. In most cases the aura is filled with many years of stagnant and stored memories of pain and resistance. The more that is held within the aura the longer the clearing process will take.


As I explained in the article “Quantum physics” all of creation is in essence and basic substance made up from energy. Energy is the underlying force behind all things. This basic energy that manifests creation is set up in structures and grids, in flows and patterns. Patterns and flows that can be changed, moved and altered in order to create new circumstances, realities, events and experiences in the world of matter.

The term energy work is when someone is able to move, shift or change the fundamental energy of any existing grid or structure with any of a list of techniques such as Reiki, hand – on healing, remote influencing - mental influencing - weaving, warding, prayer or “magic”. Energy work is usually done to affect, change and alter energy grids and energy fields to have new and different experiences in the world of matter. An energy worker usually works with blocked or stagnant energy to loosen it up so that energy flows freely and as nature intended or to raise low level vibrations to heighten experiences and speed up results. Then purpose and destiny manifest easily. An energy worker can also work to change the existing grids to make new things happen. Then desire and intent also assist in the development of ones true life.

A Reiki practitioner or hands – on spiritual healer work pretty much in the same manner with the energy that flows from the palms of the hands, through the chakras and through the whole being. Reiki is a certain technique of training and of amplifying spiritual healing energy developed in Japan. The Reiki training amplifies and develops ones ability to bring healing energy through ones hands and energy field. Energy work as healing work is used to work with the energy fields, soul and spirit of a person to affect change for better health, emotional health and well – being, mental balance and clarity, better relationships, creativity and spirituality and so on.

A skilled spiritual healer learns to develop the ability to sense and clearly perceive how energy is flowing and what is taking place in the energy fields during an energy transmission. Psychic work, intuitive work and any kind of extra sensory perception is also energy work in that one is able to sense and perceive very clearly the grids and patterns that make up the fields of energy and is able to clearly discern what the energy grids represent. This is called energy readings. Energy readings are usually used in personal readings for guidance and clarity on one’s path or clarity on any of life’s circumstances. Energy readings and perception can be used for soul communication and telepathy, for channeling guided messages and remote viewing.

Remote viewing and remote influencing can be used not only for individual assistance but also for seeing and affecting circumstances and results for groups, businesses, land clearing and space clearing, world events and so on. Remote viewing is as the term describes a way of accessing within ones inner eye visual and sensory information of events, places or situations located far away in both space and time. Remote influencing is a term for extending ones mental effect upon the energy patterns of an event far away in space or dimension. It is a technique of using mind over matter if you will, yet it is not mind control. Remote influencing uses inter - dimensional grids and Earth grids and the effect of change takes place by simply mentally observing the situation with the direction of the light of the Spirit. On the inner planes simply observing, simply seeing, moves energy. Intent is less important for the result when one is in alignment with Spirit and is directed by the Divine for the Greater Good of All. Intent tends to be directed by ego will and should be less of a directive force. Observing is what leads to the perfect results.

Land clearing and space clearing are also areas where multi – dimensional energy work come in handy. Energetic land clearing is important to have the proper and lasting results of space clearing. Space clearing is the energetic inter – dimensional clearing of buildings and the space within buildings from the influences of spirits, emotional residue, mind pollution, dream bodies, ghosts and for closing negative vortices, dimensional portals and so on. All tools can be used for these purposes. I use Reiki, inter – dimensional influencing, sound and toning, intent, the tunnel of light, angelic assistance, the Stargate energy field and warding.

When working in the grids, the Earth grids and the dimensional grids that set up creation, there is a technique one may use that is called weaving. This is an ancient technique where one uses heart, soul, being and highest levels of spirit to design and create entirely new energy grids. One may thus weave new stories of life, alter destinies and create new events. One may reroute paths and destinies and recreate current events, create new social structures, new social happenings and so on.

Energy work is the fundamental tool for reaching any desired life experience or result. Will and effort alone don’t always get us where we want to be, action alone may have us bump into the same obstacles over and over. Relationship dynamics may be such that they interfere with the unfolding of desires. Personalities and ones own or other people’s behavior may interfere with the flow of things to the degree that things turn away from us rather then towards us. Sub – conscious thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns may turn from us that which we really want to experience, good fortune may bounce off of us as one is not open enough to receive. All these un – openings are not by will but are very hidden patterns, sub – conscious and un – conscious, and it can be helpful to have someone look at a situation from the outside to discern clearly what needs to change in order to achieve the focused goal. When manifesting results, not only does the giving party need to be adjusted but also the receiving parties, the receivers. Openness to receive is half of the manifestation. Therefore – energy work.


Sound, in all its various forms, is vibration that move through space and effect matter and etheric energy alike. Sound can bring together molecules into objects of matter and it can dissolve the essence that formulates matter. Sound does not only affect our one dimension but all dimensions. Tonal sound can be used to hold open doorways to other dimensions, to bend dimensions or to merge dimensions together into a greater field.

In space tonal sound is used as language. Each tone has suffused within itself several strands laid within one tubular strand and each tubular tone holds many levels of programmed information that transport the energetic qualities that can be translated into our two dimensional verbal languages through our higher dimensional chakras’ intelligence.

On our planet we use music to translate messages, emotions and soul vibration. Many times people who do not get along or agree will soften towards one another when they realize that they like the same kind of music and unify in harmony when they listen to it together. Different kinds of music make people move their bodies in different ways. Some sounds make bodies jerk, some make us sway, some make us step side to side and some make us jump or make us move our arms and heads in different ways. One can observe the same dance style amongst all people on a dance floor and when the music changes the style of movement changes in the whole group. This is not fashion of dance but actually rather sound waves effecting cellular programming and telling the cells to behave in certain ways. Hard to believe, still try to dance reggae style to hip hop music or disco to a waltz. Our bodies will not readily obey but will want to move the way the sounds dictate. All music affects us emotionally. Some music is soothing and calming and makes us tranquil, calm and content, other music is uplifting and energizing or even aggravating.

All sound, whether it is tonal or composed into music, vibrate energy patterns. By its vibration sound creates an effect in the world of energy and begins to move any stuck or held energy patterns. The vibration begins to gently shake the blocks and stagnation and soon dissolves the stagnant energy patterns that hold the no longer useful experiences, problems and dysfunction, in place and so reveals and restores the natural harmony which allow for new, more free flowing experiences to begin to take place. Healers that use sound direct the sound into the chakra fields and strategic places within the layers of the energy field; mental and emotional body, to find and dissolve the patterns that keep the blocks and disturbances in place and hinder the free flowing of life’s abundance. A healer may also use sound to affect the cellular structure and retrieve or release cell - memories or activate cellularly encoded information. As a healer I have at different times used toning, chanting, clapping of hands, drumming, rattling, spoken words and especially selected music together with energy work to release stuck energies in order to create the desired results. These techniques of using energy work together with sound to clear up whatever may be holding negativity in place work much faster than just energy work by itself. The sound dissolves and dismantles stuck energy and the energy work assists in removing the old energy and restoring new freedom and natural balance.

The results from correctly directed toning are normally instantaneous. Children and animals respond to sound in an even deeper way than the reluctant, resistant and ever thinking adults do. Once I saw a five year old boy who was said to be autistic. He was non – stop running around wildly and yelling. I was told he never spoke, never responded to communication and always avoided eye contact with all family members. This boy responded instantly to the effects of toning with eye contact, physical contact and verbal communication. At first sound he stopped what he was doing (running wildly) and calmed down. He looked at me, walked over to where I sat and sat down on the couch right next to me, kept looking at me and was smiling. When I spoke to him he calmly responded and explained several things to me. It turns out he was a very sensitive higher dimensional being and had not yet learned how to cope with and remain physically present in the crudeness and emotional tensions of this world. I have also on another occasion seen the weather change, seen mists and clouds be dissolved by sound, by toning. This was done in order to clear the way and safely take off paragliding off of a mountain on Maui in Hawaii.

Toning, sound and music can be used to raise the energetic vibration of ones entire body and energy field and by this one may achieve great expansion of ones life, raised consciousness, altered states of awareness and spiritual awakening. A higher vibration of ones being makes for a massive opening of mind, opening and activation of ones heart centers and for more love, compassion and generosity in ones worldly expression. The results are greater health, prosperity and abundance.


Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal life force. It is the trade name for certain healing techniques discovered by a Japanese monk, Mikao Usui, in the mid - 1800’s. He was a man who had wondered how spiritual hands – on healing really worked and by what means Jesus had healed. He traveled extensively for many years through several countries to find the answer and eventually found scriptures in temples in
Tibet of spiritual healing techniques. He found himself later in meditation high atop a mountain for 21 days where he was touched by a light from above that initiated him with energies, symbols and information in how to transmit healing energy and how to teach it to others. Since then Reiki has been taught and spread all over the world and there are now thousands and thousands of initiated Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters all over the world.

Reiki is a name used for the energy intelligence that flows from the palms of the hands of all people. This energy can be added to ones own body or to another person’s body and energy field by the laying on of hands or by not directly touching but holding the hands a bit away from the recipient. The Reiki energy will begin to flow spontaneously when one holds up a hand or gently places a hand on someone. This energy is a balancing force that automatically and gently restores divine truth and natural balance within all systems; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, chakras, creativity, activation of talents, memories, world service, life purpose, spiritual deepening, fulfilling relationships and so on. Reiki brings all things into alignment and there are no side effects.

The Reiki training differs from other spiritual healing modalities in that it offers energy attunements to the student / practitioner that activate chakras and energy channels within the human systems to allow for more and stronger healing energy to pass through the practitioner. The attunement process initiates the practitioner and amplifies many times over the natural capacity for channel healing energy through the hands and body. The Reiki I level of initiation doubles the natural healing capacity of the individual. The Reiki II level of initiation multiplies the Reiki I capacity 2 – 3 times. The Reiki III / Reiki Master level of initiation ads the Reiki I and the Reiki II energy levels together and multiplies that by 10. With Reiki long distance healing one does not need to use the mind to focus the light or energy on the recipient or goal but instead one activates certain techniques that send Reiki energy effortlessly to the recipient and the mind is kept open to observe the process and to receive messages and information. The Reiki attunement process also activate all past life training and experience in the arts of energy healing and the Reiki II attunements activate forcefully the practitioner’s psychic abilities that continue to enhance with use. From the day one receives the first attunement the Reiki intelligence begins to align ones whole life, all things begin to fall into a certain order and all steps that lead one forward on ones path line up in perfect order. All one has to do from then on is to keep moving forward.

The first level of the training, Reiki I, teaches the basic hands – on healing techniques and offers the student four energy attunements that activate the chakras in the palms of the hands and the upper chakras to a certain amount of energy. The second level of the training, Reiki II, teaches techniques for long distance healing through time and space. It offers the student two energy attunements and activates the student’s latent psychic awareness and abilities. The third level of the training, Reiki III / Reiki Master, teaches the student how to teach Reiki classes to others, how to attune others into all the different levels and offers the Reiki Master attunement.

Reiki ought to be taught in degrees and over time in order for the student to fully and completely absorb all the powers of each energy level, all the nuances and all the layers of every energy frequency that down - load with the initiations. When the first level of the Reiki training has been fully absorbed the student is ready on an energetic level to build upon that with the second level of the training. This way a strong foundation is laid for the most power possible to be embodied as time goes by. Each level has many aspects of healing energy that activates within the practitioner and it is a gradual process that takes some time and the integration period is very important or it ca be very overwhelming for the student to try to sort out too much energy input into the systems. A proper Reiki Master will teach the students the whole program over a period of several years to allow for the very powerful and necessary integration to take place and for full empowerment.

Reiki can be used for anything and everything. Obviously for personal and spiritual healing and growth, emotional balance and healing, mental clarity and health, physical healing and health, space clearing, manifesting goals, energizing objects, raising the vibration of food, deepening psychic awareness, and much, much more. Reiki will take one on a spiritual quest and journey that seems to never end but only continue and deepen. Reiki is deeply purifying and cleansing on every level and ads tremendous power to any spiritual unfolding. It is an incredibly valuable tool for self help that also can be used to help others, both for healing, growth and expanding ones life.


The physical structure of the Stargate is a three dimensional copper structure built from copper pipes into a specific geometric pattern. This pattern is made up of triangles into the shape of an octahedron at the top and four diamonds in each corner of the octahedron, all held up by several extensions that act as legs that meet in four corners at the base and the base is in the shape of a four pointed star. The Stargate’s geometric pattern creates space inside the structure within which people may sit and meditate or just absorb the Stargate’s energy vibration.

The geometry patterns of the Stargate produces an energy vibration that can be felt by just being in the same room as a Stargate. This energy field acts as a powerful amplifier of energy just like a massive, gigantic crystal. The Stargate’s particular energy field, energy vibration, is higher than our dimensional vibration and creates an opening between dimensions, the Stargate acts as a portal, a doorway, between dimensions. The energy field of the Stargate merges different dimensional vibrations into more of a unified field. Through this vibrational shift the veils between different dimensions thins drastically and contact is made more easily between dimensions, we make contact with spirit guides, helpers and guardian angels and they make contact more easily with us.

The Stargate’s force, higher vibrational frequency, speeds up the energy vibration, raises the frequency, of all things it comes in contact with; persons, bodies, minds, buildings, space, land areas, objects. This higher vibration creates an alteration of energetic grids that leads to change in the cellular and molecular structure of matter. As the Stargate’s force begins to alter the vibration of all things it comes in contact with, energy grids change and so do experiences; worldly, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual, creative and so on.

When we use a Stargate we first allow for sacred space to be created in a room by the presence of the Stargate energy. Then we gather a group of people together and invite all to meditation with the Stargate. We use especially selected music to heighten the experience of the mediation, as sound and energy work well together, and use guided or channeled meditations to journey through dimensional experiences. The Stargate can of course also be used for private sessions for individuals who wish to use the Stargate in a healing or channeling session.

The primary experiences that people have through the Stargate is personal healing that extend to remembering ones soul origin, soul journey and soul purpose. The Stargate activate dormant encoded cell - memories of who one is, where one is from and what one has come here to do. The Stargate is also a powerful tool for space and land clearing. Mostly we use the Stargate to assists in the awakening of soul memory and the activation of soul purpose. When we work with the Stargate we work very closely with and take help and guidance from beings of light, spirit guides and guardian angels.

The Stargate also has an etheric fifth dimensional crystaline structure that continuously sends energy into our dimension and our geometric copper structure acts as a physical body and receiver of the frequencies of this higher dimensional etheric Stargate. The etheric Stargate has the same shape as the physical copper structure but is much, much larger.

Stargate structures were used on Atlantis in ancient times as teleportation devices and healing chambers. The structure of the Stargate and the information on how to use it was given to Prageet Harris in the 1980’s through several channelings received by him from a group of 12 of the Ashtar Command. He was instructed in how to build it step by step and informed of the energies that come through the Stargate and of how to use these energies for group healing experiences. Stargates stand today all over the United States and Europe and has affected thousands and thousands of people in their personal cosmic awakening journey. Many have taken the training and become Stargate facilitators.


An initiation is an experience that creates a
sudden and drastic alteration of ones energy patterning which then brings a sudden and drastic change into ones life experience, awareness, consciousness and world view. An initiation is always a change in ones energy first and it is the energy alteration that brings about new experiences. An initiation is always spiritual in nature and leads to deeper spiritual awareness and expands profoundly ones understanding of ones surroundings and current life experience. The initiation activates inactive layers of ones blue - print and sets into motion a new chapter of ones life and activates and brings to the surface additional layers of ones deepest inner knowledge. An initiation normally brings about a period of adjustment and growth, a period of integration which leads to personal empowerment.

An initiation is a part of creating an entirely new life. One initiation may lead to another initiation later on which leads to the next and so on over a long period of time. All initiations always bring about entirely new life experiences, are always a part of drastic life changes that can both be sudden and continuous. The path of a shaman or a seer is lined with powerful initiations especially in the beginning but also continuously throughout the whole journey. They are what make the shaman. They are what activate ones inner eye, ones extra sensory perception and expands ones vision and thus begin the development of psychic abilities and awareness. With continuing initiations there is an ever deepening expansion of the initiates awareness, knowledge and insight.

There are all sorts of initiations and all sorts of experiences that cause, lead to or trigger initiations in ones life. There are big initiations and there are small initiations, there are initiations that happen suddenly and unexpectedly and there are initiations that come from experiences that are lengthy in time. Life is full of cross roads that can act as initiations or one can seek out and choose initiations that one knows will bring a certain life change or life experience. There are outer causes for initiations; experiences in the external world that act as initiations such as the experience of extreme violence, rape, loss, accidents, a birth, a wedding, Reiki attunements, shamanic initiations performed by a teacher or healing sessions. There are also inner, private, personal experiences that can act as initiations such as a near death experience, sudden trauma, Self - Realization, trans - journeys, a walk - in experience, shamanic inner experiences that happen naturally or prayer. The event or experience can be sudden and quick, one can feel entirely new in one, moment, the very next second or it can be something that is stretched out over a long period of time such as a life threatening illness, loneliness or lack.

All initiations are always followed by periods of integration. The time of integration is of extreme importance and is what brings the growth and expansion that come from the initiation; the expansion of consciousness that allows for the inner knowledge to begin to surface; allows new skills, new talents and new experiences to begin to take place. The time of integration allows for the energies to rearrange themselves and create new patterns that eventually over time manifest new experiences.

Many times what happens inside an initiation is that one is opened to the seeing of ones purpose, ones service and life’s path and in some cases one is also being opened to being able to see the path for others. One is always opened to seeing within, to look deeper and deeper inward, beyond appearances. It is always about internal opening to a wider consciousness. In the case of an illness, for example, if one totally surrenders to the experience of the illness (yet receiving treatment, of course), light flows in from God into ones being and begins to change that which needs to be changed in ones life and awareness and begins to bring awareness, shed light upon, areas of ones life of which one needs deeper understanding. The illness acts as a messenger of what needs to be seen or what needs to be done. Any kind of difficulty has the same effect if surrendered to completely, one is to listen to and receive all experiences.

Initiations are on the deepest levels a surrender to the Holy Spirit / Great Spirit and a beginning of allowing the Spirit to work through one; developing oneself into an instrument for divine work. One often has the experience of less free will as ones life becomes more and more lined up for certain experiences and a certain purpose. As initiations occur many times over there is a gradual adjustment period to the will and purpose of the Holy Spirit / Great Spirit’s work. The integration periods are transitioning periods that rewire the initiate and realign one, over and over, more closely to the work and will of the Holy Spirit. The lessening in personal will is in the details. The rewards from the divine providing for, fulfilling and guiding the initiate are great and profoundly satisfying.

Initiations can be very unexpected, come from experiences that seem to just happen by themselves. No initiation takes place by accident but have everything to do with destiny and following a certain path whether one was aware of it in the beginning or not. This destiny is fulfilled through the deepest connection to God and it is the deepest inner of oneself that guides ones life to follow a certain road and come upon these mile stones.


Ok, so, there are obviously beings living on the other dimensions as well as we live here on the earth plane and fish live in water. For example, for fish we are greater beings living in a higher dimension ethereally lighter than theirs that is separated from their world by a thin membrane. Sometimes the great human beings visit their realm to observe and then they go back to their own realm. Sometimes a fish is caught and brought up into the light but is then thrown back into the sea being told it is not yet it’s time. Some fish, with special skills that not all fish have, can jump up into the higher dimension, the air, and quickly catch a glimpse of the world above. It is exactly the same for us humans and the dimensions immediately above ours, or next to ours.

All the different vibratory levels of creation are inhabited by all sorts of beings. On the fourth dimension, or the astral plane, we have mostly disincarnate spirits, human spirits that have for one reason or another not moved into the light after departing this realm that act as ghosts, and we have elementals and other disturbing creatures. There are low level beings here that can be very interfering and create stupid ands silly chaos for no good reason. On the higher dimensions, the dimensions above the fourth, live beings of greater light; light - beings, angels of all kinds and what we call spirit guides. On the very highest dimensions (that we are considering from the Earth plane) live the ascended masters and arch angels and such, beings of great, great light. Each dimension, as we call them fifth, sixth, seventh and so on, each have a finer vibration than the one below it and so also are the beings living there each of a higher vibration. The finer the vibration, the higher dimension, the greater the light, the more wisdom and heart.

The positive and loving spirits of the light are very helpful and act as helpers to other beings such as humans. For us these are angels and spirit guides. They are everybody’s inter - dimensional friends. Every individual has all kinds of spirit guides and guardian angels that watch over one and guide ones steps and actions, protect one from certain experiences and help one through others. Each individual has many guides, several teams of guides from all the different dimensions. Each team of guides service a certain need and others service other needs. For example, angels guard and watch and sometimes very subtly suggest so whisperly soft that one doesn’t hear it but may wake up in the morning with some new clarity about something. Angels send love to their individuals at all times. There are spokes persons, main guides that will guide more directly and tangibly in ones everyday living and thought process so that one makes the decisions one ought to make to reach ones goals and fulfill ones destinies. Some guides purpose is to protect from danger and other guides work with ones life’s work and assist in the fulfilling of ones purpose. When one has moved out of a certain life chapter and into a new period of life one sometimes has a change of main guides. One receives a new set of guides that are more prepared or qualified to work with the experiences that are apart of this new chapter in ones life. One can also put in a request of a set of new guides if one feels one is not getting good results with the ones one has. Sometimes there is an exchange of helpers and sometimes there is not depending on what would in actuality be the highest good for the individual. These are all “spirits” that help and it is usually done sub - consciously for most people.

We don’t really talk a lot of lower dimensions but rather of shadow realms and these dimensions don’t really exist “downward” but rather “inward”, on dimensions inside dimensions. These dimensions have less light and therefore more shadow extending into various levels of dark. In these dimensions live to us the not so pleasant beings. Most people are afraid of the dark realms and the darker beings there and of what they do. There are many different levels of dark and different levels of demons, demonic forces and dark critters. The darker the realm, the more powerful the darkness of the beings existing there. And they very much walk among us and it is useful to be aware of their doings.

There walk among us beings that seem to us to be not so friendly and not have our best interest at heart. We find that there is what we call interference. The dark forces can be experienced through conflict, aggression, hatred, a lessening in ones life force, a weakening of spirit or will to live, a total block of creativity, depression, a sense of not being connected to God or not feeling in tune with the Universe, feeling compelled to follow a destructive path, being guided in the wrong direction and being challenged and disturbed in ones important decision making and so on. One will experience serious diversion from ones path or from ones goals. When one feels these things there are most times some negative interference going on which can be removed. Anytime when there is a lack of love, pure and clear, there is usually some shadow lurking or something lurking in the shadows. These beings feed off of fear, pain, confusion and anything that is in any way void of light and love. The presence of darkness feels like a contraction of a variety of intensity. Unaware one tends to feed the darkness what it wants; pain, aggression and more contraction. Love always feels like expansion and freedom.

Just as there are beings that help our progress there are these beings that disrupt our progress. We call these beings shadow beings or demons. Just as there is various degrees of dark there are various degrees of demons. There are those that are very dark and very challenging and those that are less dark and minor challenges. But that is what they do, they challenge us to grow, to commit deeper to our lives and paths, to try harder or be more creative and find another way. Of course there are also elementals, all kinds of boogies, spirits and ghosts that can be disturbing but they have nothing to do with challenging ones life and path, destiny and commitment. Even strong thought patterns from other people can create strong influences in the flow of things, which is called thought pollution.

Darkness tends to force one to turn towards the light. Being challenged by these beings strengthens ones determination to succeed. They in a way act as guides too, but in a backwards way. They are just in the shadows and seem more invisible and cryptic and guides one negatively, pressure one to reach ones goals. The plan of the dark is to hinder the plan of ones life or stop one long enough for one to receive additional information from the light or inner self in how to go about things. Interference can only continue to affect anyone if they remain hidden and undiscovered. One must see them, become aware, to continue to find ones way through the labyrinth of ones life.

Spirit guides and angels can help more directly when they are asked. Interfering spirits disturb anyway and continue to do so even if asked to stop. One needs to handle things differently with them. Straightening up the energy grids and clearing energy fields inhibit the effect of the dark, and disarming the dark by allowing strong amounts of light to fill the space and grids totally disarm the dark beings. Love is another powerful tool to disarm the dark and divert their attacks or attention. Fear is what calls them in. They eat fear and other low level emotions, energies that we send out that vibrate on a slower / denser level.

All these beings, of both higher and denser vibrations, are able to and do connect with the Earth realm, third dimension and with us whether we are aware of it consciously or not, then sub - consciously. Beings of higher vibration connect to our dimension more easily then we connect with their dimension. Just like we connect more and travel into the waters more easily than fish travel and move around in the air. We can look into the water from above but the fish only look sideways, into the water.

All shamans and metaphysical healers and seers work with spirits of all kinds. Shamans and healers are used to moving both in realms of intense light and of quite the dark and of all the degrees in between. To truly have ones power one is aware both of ones inner light as well as of ones inner shadow realm. It is the play of yin and yang and in our dimensional creation there is a perfect balance between the two, so far. There is less of an understanding of why this is taking place, why God would allow some things to happen or the dark to exist but it is all there for our souls development. All experiences are available to all and we are to find our journey through it all.


Different souls are created at different points in linear and parallel time and there are many different kinds of souls just as there are many different kinds of races of humans and animals. Souls are usually created in clusters, in huge numbers and as groups. Soul groups that are created at the same time and place are usually alike in character, reaction and journey. There are many different kinds of souls incarnated here on Earth as human beings at this time. Therefore different levels of intelligence, insight, levels of energy and speed and different amounts of light in the spectrum of good and evil, light and dark.

The cosmic awakening of soul origin and of soul journey is about coming to remember who one is and from where one has come, what one has experienced along the way and usually for which purpose one is now incarnated here. The cosmic awakening process brings a deepening and building awareness of these things to the incarnated person.

The level of density on the Earth plane at this time is such that when incarnated ones immediate memory is clouded from remembering all individual soul history previous and parallel to the present incarnation. Most people are born as clean slates. As one begins to embody more light and raise ones vibration through meditation, energy work, trans - journeys, even exercise or just spontaneously taking light in from the Universe, there is a slow and gradual awakening / remembering of ones soul memories.

The first thing one begins to remember, through a vague and lingering feeling, is that ones soul may really originate from some other place than Earth, from far away in time and space. The feelings that one may not be from this planet grow stronger and more certain over time. This is called recalling ones soul origin. Ones soul may originate, have original home in another Universe and have traveled into this Universe through some specific point in this Universe, the Andromeda galaxy, for example. Or ones soul may have first originated, first come into being, at some specific point in this Universe, Arcturus perhaps or in the Orion system. Usually the feeling is vague and is just that one feels that one is from some other place very far away.

The soul, which is mostly that which holds the consciousness of a being - the thinking / feeling aspect, has an extremely long life span and incarnates over and over into different reality systems. Souls incarnating today mostly originate at the beginning of and at the mid – mark of the timeline of this eon. Souls incarnate here on the Earth plane over and over in what appears to be linear time but also in other dimensions and planes and on other planets in our Universe and other Universes. A soul can split up into several soul fragments and exist on many different dimensions, or different locations in the same dimension, at the same time and transfer information and knowledge between the different parts of itself. A soul that splits itself up into several parts usually does so without the parts being aware of this or of its other simultaneous incarnations.

Between incarnations the soul goes to the spas for cleansing and then rests in the libraries where it perhaps learns or works out its next incarnation or just rests for a long time. Some souls return to the libraries from higher dimensions on a mission to learn of how to assist in an incarnation in a lower dimension than their own, on the Earth plane for example, to be a part of assisting in whatever particular events might be scheduled to take place there.

In the cosmic awakening process one usually begins to recall fragments from past and parallel lives both here on Earth and on other planes and planets, in other reality systems and in other dimensions. Over time one realizes that one has a long galactic history and memories begin to surface more and more clearly and vividly as one absorbs more light and a higher vibration into ones physical form and energy fields. One also begins to recall skills, knowledge and talents one had in past and parallel lives and these skills begin to awaken again as one remembers in this incarnation. Remembering ones soul's experience, all the skills of the whole journey of ones whole soul add a tremendous understanding of ones current life stream. It brings awareness and a deepening understanding of purpose when these memories begin to surface and become clear.

The cosmic awakening process takes place over time, over several years and rarely does someone remember everything. One remembers usually that which is relevant to this incarnation and to ones life’s purpose. There are experiences that will trigger this kind of memory and those are usually energetic experiences such as initiations, hands – on healing sessions, deep mediation, hypnosis or regressions but can also happen spontaneously during deep relaxation or a walk through nature or something similar. The more clear and pure ones physical body is through proper diet, vegetarianism and fasting the more easily these kinds of memories surface. The capacity for multi – dimensional awareness is also important in order to fully understand and observe what is activating inside of oneself.

This awakening process, the surfacing of cosmic / galactic memories, usually takes place in order to be able to grow in ones talents and are a part of activating clear knowledge and understanding of ones life’s work and how to fulfill ones purpose and deepens ones understanding in how to live ones truth. The beings incarnating here on the Earth plane today from higher dimensions in order to help, such as walk – ins and other high dimensional beings that have come to be of service all have to awaken to their cosmic journey in order to more fully fulfill their destinies. As this awakening takes place it is important to take it easy and not get too eager to see more and remember faster and it’s important to stay very grounded and let little by little make itself known to prevent oneself from going nuts. One is just to absorb this knowledge, these memories into ones everyday living and let it integrate into ones all around history.