Friday, April 27, 2007


As I explained in the article “Quantum physics” all of creation is in essence and basic substance made up from energy. Energy is the underlying force behind all things. This basic energy that manifests creation is set up in structures and grids, in flows and patterns. Patterns and flows that can be changed, moved and altered in order to create new circumstances, realities, events and experiences in the world of matter.

The term energy work is when someone is able to move, shift or change the fundamental energy of any existing grid or structure with any of a list of techniques such as Reiki, hand – on healing, remote influencing - mental influencing - weaving, warding, prayer or “magic”. Energy work is usually done to affect, change and alter energy grids and energy fields to have new and different experiences in the world of matter. An energy worker usually works with blocked or stagnant energy to loosen it up so that energy flows freely and as nature intended or to raise low level vibrations to heighten experiences and speed up results. Then purpose and destiny manifest easily. An energy worker can also work to change the existing grids to make new things happen. Then desire and intent also assist in the development of ones true life.

A Reiki practitioner or hands – on spiritual healer work pretty much in the same manner with the energy that flows from the palms of the hands, through the chakras and through the whole being. Reiki is a certain technique of training and of amplifying spiritual healing energy developed in Japan. The Reiki training amplifies and develops ones ability to bring healing energy through ones hands and energy field. Energy work as healing work is used to work with the energy fields, soul and spirit of a person to affect change for better health, emotional health and well – being, mental balance and clarity, better relationships, creativity and spirituality and so on.

A skilled spiritual healer learns to develop the ability to sense and clearly perceive how energy is flowing and what is taking place in the energy fields during an energy transmission. Psychic work, intuitive work and any kind of extra sensory perception is also energy work in that one is able to sense and perceive very clearly the grids and patterns that make up the fields of energy and is able to clearly discern what the energy grids represent. This is called energy readings. Energy readings are usually used in personal readings for guidance and clarity on one’s path or clarity on any of life’s circumstances. Energy readings and perception can be used for soul communication and telepathy, for channeling guided messages and remote viewing.

Remote viewing and remote influencing can be used not only for individual assistance but also for seeing and affecting circumstances and results for groups, businesses, land clearing and space clearing, world events and so on. Remote viewing is as the term describes a way of accessing within ones inner eye visual and sensory information of events, places or situations located far away in both space and time. Remote influencing is a term for extending ones mental effect upon the energy patterns of an event far away in space or dimension. It is a technique of using mind over matter if you will, yet it is not mind control. Remote influencing uses inter - dimensional grids and Earth grids and the effect of change takes place by simply mentally observing the situation with the direction of the light of the Spirit. On the inner planes simply observing, simply seeing, moves energy. Intent is less important for the result when one is in alignment with Spirit and is directed by the Divine for the Greater Good of All. Intent tends to be directed by ego will and should be less of a directive force. Observing is what leads to the perfect results.

Land clearing and space clearing are also areas where multi – dimensional energy work come in handy. Energetic land clearing is important to have the proper and lasting results of space clearing. Space clearing is the energetic inter – dimensional clearing of buildings and the space within buildings from the influences of spirits, emotional residue, mind pollution, dream bodies, ghosts and for closing negative vortices, dimensional portals and so on. All tools can be used for these purposes. I use Reiki, inter – dimensional influencing, sound and toning, intent, the tunnel of light, angelic assistance, the Stargate energy field and warding.

When working in the grids, the Earth grids and the dimensional grids that set up creation, there is a technique one may use that is called weaving. This is an ancient technique where one uses heart, soul, being and highest levels of spirit to design and create entirely new energy grids. One may thus weave new stories of life, alter destinies and create new events. One may reroute paths and destinies and recreate current events, create new social structures, new social happenings and so on.

Energy work is the fundamental tool for reaching any desired life experience or result. Will and effort alone don’t always get us where we want to be, action alone may have us bump into the same obstacles over and over. Relationship dynamics may be such that they interfere with the unfolding of desires. Personalities and ones own or other people’s behavior may interfere with the flow of things to the degree that things turn away from us rather then towards us. Sub – conscious thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns may turn from us that which we really want to experience, good fortune may bounce off of us as one is not open enough to receive. All these un – openings are not by will but are very hidden patterns, sub – conscious and un – conscious, and it can be helpful to have someone look at a situation from the outside to discern clearly what needs to change in order to achieve the focused goal. When manifesting results, not only does the giving party need to be adjusted but also the receiving parties, the receivers. Openness to receive is half of the manifestation. Therefore – energy work.