Friday, April 27, 2007


It all starts with that all things are in their foundation made up of energy. Thoughts are energy, feelings and emotions are energy, intentions are energy, memories are energy, experiences that have yet to take place are already energy, past events are also energy, relationship dynamics are energy and all energies are recorded in grids; aura / personal energy fields, souls blue - prints, earth grids and multi - dimensional, ethereal grids that make up everything in creation.

Psychic is a whole field of experiences, many ways of perceiving through many different channels. Different ways of experiencing are called different things such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, telepathy, ESP - extra sensory perception, gut feeling, visions, empathy, sensitive, psychometry, remote viewing and many more. Each way is perceived differently through ones being but it is all about sensing, perceiving and translating energy; patterns, vibes, pulses into knowing and understanding their correct and precise meaning.

The most important thing to remember is that none of these things can at all be forced but it is rather an experience that one allows to take place, that one opens oneself up to. One may place oneself into a slightly altered state through relaxation and calming of the mind and body and by this open a door to ones inner that allows for an extra clear perception and awareness to become available to ones everyday consciousness. With practice this can become something that takes place very easily and effortlessly and in no time at all.

One perceives energy through ones chakras / energy centers and through ones nervous system. The aura connects into the nervous system and through that one can with training begin to be sensitive enough to be able to decipher the energy input one perceives or senses also through the aura. All of our nervous systems are sensitive in different ways and all people do not perceive the surroundings energetically in the same way or with the same intensity. Just as we’re all good at different things we are also all perceiving subtle reality in slightly different ways. Like snow flakes, people are different.

Extra sensory perception, ESP, or clairsentience which is French and means clear sensing, is when one has developed a strong ability to perceive energy through ones nervous system and the ability to be able to translate energy fields into perfect, clear and precise understanding. Intuitive is a word commonly used to describe someone who is strongly sensitive and unusually and deeply perceptive, someone who easily senses other people’s feelings, guidance from the Universe and perhaps also events that are soon to be. Another description for a similar ability is called empathy. That is someone who is enormously sensitive to the energy of other people’s state of mind and emotion. An empath will feel and perceive other people’s feelings and thoughts as their own and may be seriously overloaded until they understand how to create shields and powerful filters that protect them from feeling everything in their surroundings and, for some, in the world. Eventually an empath will learn to discern the difference of which feelings and thoughts are their own from the ones that are absorbed from the surroundings. Gut feeling is a description of intuition and extra sensory perception that is widely recognized and accepted. That is when the solar plexus chakra is used to absorb energy impulses from the Universal grid that are then translated into feeling or knowing that illustrate what is going on or what is soon to be. Widely used, particularly by men.

Clairvoyance is French and means clear sight and is a common term explaining the openness to receiving images inside ones mind, often received through ones third eye chakra. These images may come from spirit guides or from ones higher self or oversoul or be impulses from the grid of both this dimension and other dimensions. Clairvoyance is what is used to see the deceased, ghosts with other words, or spirit guides and guardian angels. It is a particular field of ones mind that perceives in images and this way of perceiving connects also to remote viewing, visions, image telepathy and psychometry. Remote viewing usually mostly deals with observing places far away but in current time. Clairvoyance perceives images from other times, past and future and parallel realities and other dimensions as well as present time and place. Visions are similar to clairvoyance but usually are thought of as coming spontaneously, suddenly and without warning and be guides and way - showers for ones life. Image telepathy is when two people are ethereally connected through the mind and third eye and one of the two is observing something and can project that image into the other person’s mind who then perceives more or less accurately the image seen by the first person. Psychometry is when one is holding an object in ones hand and begins to receive images within ones mind or inner eye or feelings and sensations that relate to the object held. This can be used by psychics assisting the police in solving crimes.

Clairaudience means clear hearing and is a term explaining the ability to perceive voices within ones mind or being. These voices are usually spirit guides, angels, E.T.s or other higher dimensional or lower dimensional beings that try to contact us from other planes and dimensions. Many times this is perceived as our own inner voice or our own thoughts and to become able to discern the extremely subtle differences between truly ones own thoughts and when the guides and angels are using ones thoughts and mind to communicate takes a lot of faith and training in sensing and discerning subtle energies. This is a very sensitive process and takes a lot of delicacy, trust, sensitivity and usually a lot of time, practice and patience to develop.

Medium and medium-ship are terms describing someone who is especially skilled in hearing and perhaps also seeing beings in other dimensions, especially the departed but also spirit guides and guardian angels. A medium uses her / his skill to offer guidance and counseling to people where the medium receives words and messages from the departed or spirit guides that comfort or assist someone on their path or in life in some way. Mediums may also use their skill to assist in house clearing and space clearing.

Channeling is when one allows oneself, ones body and ones voice, to be inhabited by a spirit who uses ones body and voice as an instrument to communicate to people here in our dimension anything that they wish to say. One may be a trans - channel which is where the channeler steps entirely, or almost entirely, out of the way as she / he is bringing in a spirit into her / his body to speak. A conscious channel is someone who lets a being inhabit her / his body and speak while remaining fully present and fully conscious of the experience. Channeling may also be done in very subtle ways where, perhaps during a conversation, one all of a sudden may bring through unusual guidance with unusual clarity from perhaps the angels or ones higher self and it is also normal that artists channel spirits or their own spirit or higher self into their art - inspiration.

Telepathy is a term used to describe someone who has the mind sensitivity to “hear” someone else’s thoughts and be able to communicate silently without words with another who also is telepathic. Soul communication takes place through telepathy and is when someone is connecting with someone else’s soul and can on that plane communicate even more directly and honestly with the chosen subject. Telepathy is much more common than people think and happens all the time in subtle ways. Telepathy takes place especially between people who feel an unusually strong bond, a deep soul connection or a strong emotional connection; between intense lovers or between family members. It has become more and more common in the past few years to communicate telepathically, especially between sensitive or intuitive people. Soon all people will be able to send messages easily between one another and we will all develop in this way tremendously in the near future.

To become better at all of this, to develop this further, one may work on developing ones nervous system and clearing ones body and aura from any disturbances or overload of energy. It is extremely helpful to keep ones physical body clean and clear from low vibrations such as toxins or stimulants. Right diet and fasting every once in a while really clears up the channels for perceiving. Of course, meditation is also very helpful to remain clear, balanced and calm which assist in the ability to perceive subtler realities. To keep ones aura / energy field clear and free of disturbances is also very important to remain as sensitive and clear as possible. Clarity in perception is the most important thing and then also, of course, the ability to correctly translate what one perceives. Without a clear vehicle clarity and sensitivity of perception is very difficult.

Energy is one of the main languages in space that is very precise and very elaborate and yet simple and direct. (Mathematics and sound are other universal languages in space.) Everybody senses energy to some degree and everybody does it differently, perceives in different ways. Some are clairvoyants, some are mediums, some are telepathic, some channel and some have an extraordinarily dependable gut feeling, some are strong and some are subtle.

* * *

To me this all arrives in different ways usually all at the same time or in all the different ways all around each other. I am mostly empathic, clairsentient and clairaudient. I mostly sense energy in every way, then I hear and then, rarely, I see. I am also clairvoyant, a medium and a channel and I am quite telepathic. For me empathy and telepathy is strongly connected. I perceive energy through my aura, through my higher self, through my solar plexus and mostly through my nervous system. I am at all times aware of creation as energy and become aware instantaneously of most all things that are directed at me.

When I work with people I read the aura, I sense in my aura and interpret through my nervous system the layers and levels of the energy field around a person, and in this field I can find information about most everything about them and their lives. I communicate with their spirit guides as well as their soul, higher self and departed loved ones. I place myself into a slightly altered state and find that most of the time I can’t quite remember all that I have said after a reading only parts of it. After a reading I “come down” and I find that I also run a lot of energy through my systems during a reading. The energy moves through me for hours after a reading.

When I work with people I find that I can’t force it, it either comes or it doesn’t, there’s either a feed or there isn’t. I also can’t really do a reading for someone if she or he is angry or feeling aggressive. I don’t open up to the higher vibrations as the presence of anger or aggression is not conducive to altered states. In an altered state one must be safe and protected otherwise it shuts down. I also can’t really do anything for someone who is anxious, too eager, has extreme expectations or someone who is really closed down. I can get as much information from someone’s energy field as they are open to receive. Some people are so open and willing to hear and some others are not so open and not at all really willing to hear anything so not much comes out of that. When someone is really willing and open it is really fun and rewarding to be able to dive really deep into their energy for the clearest information possible. That’s when it is the most fun and interesting.

It turns out also that I can really not do a reading on someone who is altered in any way; drunk or stoned, even if it is just a little bit. I have had to turn people away who had smoked weed several days earlier because I couldn’t get a clear read on their energy field. Auras expand quite a bit when one uses and gets seriously jumbled up. People who are mentally unstable are also difficult to get a clear read on for some reason. It is not always clear who is somewhat unstable and it can be uncertain what to do in such a case.

In a private reading I focus most
often on the soul path, destiny and purpose but also on character qualities and dormant skills and talents; spiritual journey; direction of ones life, career direction, unfolding of ones purpose; focus of creativity; dynamics, karma and future of intimate relationships, character readings of lovers, family members and pets; past lives influencing this life; psychic openings; dream interpretations; personal health and healing; contacting the departed on the other side; messages from spirit guides and angels; choices, direction, free will and destiny. In a remote viewing or in psychic impressions for a group or a business I focus on how to proceed to reach the desired outcome; character readings on participants, colleagues and business contacts; relationship karma and relationship dynamics; what subconscious patterns may hinder success; what to say, how to word things, how to say things and the timing of that communication; how to proceed gracefully in difficult situations, viewing the outcome of different approaches and so many more things.

People use private readings to gain more clarity on different topics in their lives that seem confusing, such as their relationships, career choices or future goals. Sometimes our minds seem to not want to cooperate with us and give us the knowledge or direction we need. Then we may seek the counsel of a trained intuitive that is able to dive into our psyche or mind and deliver guidance and information from deep places. The benefits gained are inner exploration, clarity, healing, spiritual guidance, peace of mind, direction and help with decisions. People experience being helped by feeling a new clarity in how to proceed with their lives and what to do in confusing situations. Many people today are feeling a concern that they want to find deep purpose and divine guidance to their lives and an intuitive reading may give them this direction. Most important is when people feel recognized for who they truly are and recognize their own lives and find that their lives make sense in the divine order of things.