Friday, April 27, 2007


In creation, throughout all of space and all dimensions, all levels of matter is created through and set up through a set of “grids” that systematically manifest and weave matter into all its levels of manifestation. Through these grids flows the energy that fuels all manifestations. It is as if all of space has meridians through it and energy flows through these meridians.

Our planet has grids surrounding it in very systematic patterns and perfectly laid out. We call these grids the Earth grid. The Earth grid sets up the structure for how all things work here, how things happen or take place in all our lives; social structures, relationships, personal and global, personal stories and so on. The Earth grid can be altered and changed. It can have tears and holes in it and it can be fixed and healed. When old dynamics fall away or have run their course, energy workers who work with the Earth grid will clear the Earth grid and restore into it newer patterns that will support new events.

Even individuals have grids, personal grids in and around their body and being that are called blue – prints. The blue – print is intimately connected into the cellular structure and cellular consciousness and regularly paste information from itself into the cellular consciousness. The blue – print holds the information of a person’s life, the spiritual and personal path through life, life purpose and information of all the things that exist to support one to accomplish ones soul mission. When an addition of light is moved through ones blue – print an activation occurs of information of these things that then will begin to surface in ones everyday awareness.

The blue – print is connected both to the Earth grid and the Universal grid and the Earth grid is of course connected to the Universal grid. This way all things are connected, we are all connected and all we do affect all of creation even if we may not see that right away.

When one works with grids one uses the force of the spirit through ones mind or spirit to assist the flow of energy through the systems of grids. If there is a creation in place through the grids one may alter this creation by changing the flow of energy though the grid system. Advanced practitioners may also change the very grid patterns for the same purpose of changing events, social structures or life experiences.

Weaving is a term used since ancient times that means the creating of new web patterns in the grid and entirely new grids implanted in the original grid system. Weaving takes place in several dimensions at the same time to support the placement of new grid patterns. Weaving is an ancient term for working with inter – dimensional grids that shamans and sorcerers practiced for the benefit of the tribe.

Grid works are performed through the inner worlds, the inner eye, vision and the cosmic inner of the mind. Grid works are always very ethereal, other worldly and inter - dimensional energy workings. Energy is always moved through the focus of the mind, sometimes connected together with intent or the spirit or the intent of the spirit. It is the higher dimensions of a human's consciousness that are used during these experiences and absolute expertise, initiation, experience and training are of utmost necessity.