Friday, April 27, 2007


Energy work can, of course, be used for just about anything. Since everything and every situation, all that which is manifest in creation, is made up first of energy, if the energy pattern is transformed the situation or thing is also transformed. I wish to say here that by doing energy work one does not control everything in creation. There are grid patterns that are set into the matrix by what’s called the Divine Plan, in various degrees of fixed. Some things that are set into the Plan are more flexible than others to change and free will, usually about when and how it unfolds rather then if it takes place. Many things are changeable, but not all. One can affect the results of something that one wants to have happen; affect, but not absolutely control. It is good to keep in mind that there is a Plan that God has designed for all yet one can make a lot of changes and alterations according to will, the rest one will have to let go to God.

After learning to work energy work on people and their auras for personal, physical, mental, emotional and lifestyle healing, I moved on to working long distance on the same goals; personal healing to release and set into motion life purpose. Then after that I began to work, long distance and inter - dimensionally, for a company to clear the way to have a certain outcome and certain goals fulfilled by the company.

Pretty much anything can be placed on the list of goals that can be attained and accomplished with energy work. One of my Reiki teachers shared with the class that one can, for example, write down goals on a piece of paper and then do Reiki on that paper and see the goals fulfill themselves. I practiced that and it worked for me. It was the timing that I didn’t have control over and some of the details, but I did accomplish many of my goals I had on that piece of paper.

For example, things that I have affected with energy work, with Reiki mostly, are making cars, motor cycles and motor boats start when they wouldn’t start, opening a door lock that wouldn’t open with the right key, lifting deep distress from a woman in a church meeting, manifesting a place to work my healing practice from on Maui, manifesting a car and so on. One may affect finances, creativity, social life, relationships, finding and fulfilling ones life purpose, soul mission, psychic awareness and so on. Any situation in present moment or coming up in the future, such as business meetings and family events, can be altered with energy work (and even just intent).

Other than Reiki, tools that can be used to affect change in ones life are weaving, remote viewing and remote influencing. The results vary from the level of details one may have put into it and the amount of energetic clarity one carries in ones aura. The clearer the aura, the more accurate and instantaneous the results - within the realm of the Divine Plan and the Natural order of creation.