Friday, April 27, 2007


Different souls are created at different points in linear and parallel time and there are many different kinds of souls just as there are many different kinds of races of humans and animals. Souls are usually created in clusters, in huge numbers and as groups. Soul groups that are created at the same time and place are usually alike in character, reaction and journey. There are many different kinds of souls incarnated here on Earth as human beings at this time. Therefore different levels of intelligence, insight, levels of energy and speed and different amounts of light in the spectrum of good and evil, light and dark.

The cosmic awakening of soul origin and of soul journey is about coming to remember who one is and from where one has come, what one has experienced along the way and usually for which purpose one is now incarnated here. The cosmic awakening process brings a deepening and building awareness of these things to the incarnated person.

The level of density on the Earth plane at this time is such that when incarnated ones immediate memory is clouded from remembering all individual soul history previous and parallel to the present incarnation. Most people are born as clean slates. As one begins to embody more light and raise ones vibration through meditation, energy work, trans - journeys, even exercise or just spontaneously taking light in from the Universe, there is a slow and gradual awakening / remembering of ones soul memories.

The first thing one begins to remember, through a vague and lingering feeling, is that ones soul may really originate from some other place than Earth, from far away in time and space. The feelings that one may not be from this planet grow stronger and more certain over time. This is called recalling ones soul origin. Ones soul may originate, have original home in another Universe and have traveled into this Universe through some specific point in this Universe, the Andromeda galaxy, for example. Or ones soul may have first originated, first come into being, at some specific point in this Universe, Arcturus perhaps or in the Orion system. Usually the feeling is vague and is just that one feels that one is from some other place very far away.

The soul, which is mostly that which holds the consciousness of a being - the thinking / feeling aspect, has an extremely long life span and incarnates over and over into different reality systems. Souls incarnating today mostly originate at the beginning of and at the mid – mark of the timeline of this eon. Souls incarnate here on the Earth plane over and over in what appears to be linear time but also in other dimensions and planes and on other planets in our Universe and other Universes. A soul can split up into several soul fragments and exist on many different dimensions, or different locations in the same dimension, at the same time and transfer information and knowledge between the different parts of itself. A soul that splits itself up into several parts usually does so without the parts being aware of this or of its other simultaneous incarnations.

Between incarnations the soul goes to the spas for cleansing and then rests in the libraries where it perhaps learns or works out its next incarnation or just rests for a long time. Some souls return to the libraries from higher dimensions on a mission to learn of how to assist in an incarnation in a lower dimension than their own, on the Earth plane for example, to be a part of assisting in whatever particular events might be scheduled to take place there.

In the cosmic awakening process one usually begins to recall fragments from past and parallel lives both here on Earth and on other planes and planets, in other reality systems and in other dimensions. Over time one realizes that one has a long galactic history and memories begin to surface more and more clearly and vividly as one absorbs more light and a higher vibration into ones physical form and energy fields. One also begins to recall skills, knowledge and talents one had in past and parallel lives and these skills begin to awaken again as one remembers in this incarnation. Remembering ones soul's experience, all the skills of the whole journey of ones whole soul add a tremendous understanding of ones current life stream. It brings awareness and a deepening understanding of purpose when these memories begin to surface and become clear.

The cosmic awakening process takes place over time, over several years and rarely does someone remember everything. One remembers usually that which is relevant to this incarnation and to ones life’s purpose. There are experiences that will trigger this kind of memory and those are usually energetic experiences such as initiations, hands – on healing sessions, deep mediation, hypnosis or regressions but can also happen spontaneously during deep relaxation or a walk through nature or something similar. The more clear and pure ones physical body is through proper diet, vegetarianism and fasting the more easily these kinds of memories surface. The capacity for multi – dimensional awareness is also important in order to fully understand and observe what is activating inside of oneself.

This awakening process, the surfacing of cosmic / galactic memories, usually takes place in order to be able to grow in ones talents and are a part of activating clear knowledge and understanding of ones life’s work and how to fulfill ones purpose and deepens ones understanding in how to live ones truth. The beings incarnating here on the Earth plane today from higher dimensions in order to help, such as walk – ins and other high dimensional beings that have come to be of service all have to awaken to their cosmic journey in order to more fully fulfill their destinies. As this awakening takes place it is important to take it easy and not get too eager to see more and remember faster and it’s important to stay very grounded and let little by little make itself known to prevent oneself from going nuts. One is just to absorb this knowledge, these memories into ones everyday living and let it integrate into ones all around history.