Friday, April 27, 2007


Sound, in all its various forms, is vibration that move through space and effect matter and etheric energy alike. Sound can bring together molecules into objects of matter and it can dissolve the essence that formulates matter. Sound does not only affect our one dimension but all dimensions. Tonal sound can be used to hold open doorways to other dimensions, to bend dimensions or to merge dimensions together into a greater field.

In space tonal sound is used as language. Each tone has suffused within itself several strands laid within one tubular strand and each tubular tone holds many levels of programmed information that transport the energetic qualities that can be translated into our two dimensional verbal languages through our higher dimensional chakras’ intelligence.

On our planet we use music to translate messages, emotions and soul vibration. Many times people who do not get along or agree will soften towards one another when they realize that they like the same kind of music and unify in harmony when they listen to it together. Different kinds of music make people move their bodies in different ways. Some sounds make bodies jerk, some make us sway, some make us step side to side and some make us jump or make us move our arms and heads in different ways. One can observe the same dance style amongst all people on a dance floor and when the music changes the style of movement changes in the whole group. This is not fashion of dance but actually rather sound waves effecting cellular programming and telling the cells to behave in certain ways. Hard to believe, still try to dance reggae style to hip hop music or disco to a waltz. Our bodies will not readily obey but will want to move the way the sounds dictate. All music affects us emotionally. Some music is soothing and calming and makes us tranquil, calm and content, other music is uplifting and energizing or even aggravating.

All sound, whether it is tonal or composed into music, vibrate energy patterns. By its vibration sound creates an effect in the world of energy and begins to move any stuck or held energy patterns. The vibration begins to gently shake the blocks and stagnation and soon dissolves the stagnant energy patterns that hold the no longer useful experiences, problems and dysfunction, in place and so reveals and restores the natural harmony which allow for new, more free flowing experiences to begin to take place. Healers that use sound direct the sound into the chakra fields and strategic places within the layers of the energy field; mental and emotional body, to find and dissolve the patterns that keep the blocks and disturbances in place and hinder the free flowing of life’s abundance. A healer may also use sound to affect the cellular structure and retrieve or release cell - memories or activate cellularly encoded information. As a healer I have at different times used toning, chanting, clapping of hands, drumming, rattling, spoken words and especially selected music together with energy work to release stuck energies in order to create the desired results. These techniques of using energy work together with sound to clear up whatever may be holding negativity in place work much faster than just energy work by itself. The sound dissolves and dismantles stuck energy and the energy work assists in removing the old energy and restoring new freedom and natural balance.

The results from correctly directed toning are normally instantaneous. Children and animals respond to sound in an even deeper way than the reluctant, resistant and ever thinking adults do. Once I saw a five year old boy who was said to be autistic. He was non – stop running around wildly and yelling. I was told he never spoke, never responded to communication and always avoided eye contact with all family members. This boy responded instantly to the effects of toning with eye contact, physical contact and verbal communication. At first sound he stopped what he was doing (running wildly) and calmed down. He looked at me, walked over to where I sat and sat down on the couch right next to me, kept looking at me and was smiling. When I spoke to him he calmly responded and explained several things to me. It turns out he was a very sensitive higher dimensional being and had not yet learned how to cope with and remain physically present in the crudeness and emotional tensions of this world. I have also on another occasion seen the weather change, seen mists and clouds be dissolved by sound, by toning. This was done in order to clear the way and safely take off paragliding off of a mountain on Maui in Hawaii.

Toning, sound and music can be used to raise the energetic vibration of ones entire body and energy field and by this one may achieve great expansion of ones life, raised consciousness, altered states of awareness and spiritual awakening. A higher vibration of ones being makes for a massive opening of mind, opening and activation of ones heart centers and for more love, compassion and generosity in ones worldly expression. The results are greater health, prosperity and abundance.