Friday, April 27, 2007


The organically balanced life experience comes from being in harmony with one's environment. We are all affected by the energetic make - up of our surroundings. Negative emotions, thoughts and intentions of others, even occurrences from the past linger in the field of energy of a space and affect our feelings and productivity. Sensitive people may even grow ill from negativity or ill thoughts of others. Our purpose here is to clear and balance the energies of the environment, to bring the energy of peace, harmony and open flow into the home or work space which will in turn support a graceful life. Many things that you will read about here were honored traditions in old times and we have forgotten how to live in harmony with nature, our environment and the spirit world.

The energy field of an environment is, as everything else, connected to the Earth grid and thus connected to everything. Everything is connected and that which lies close in perimeter in space (and even in time) affect ones energy field. So many times people with imbalanced energy fields or with a sensitive nervous system are strongly affected by imbalanced environments. Just as other people’s energy fields, emotional and mental fields, affect our well - being, internal balance and life, whether we know of it or not, so do spaces where people and beings have had experiences and have released feelings, experiences, thoughts and emotions, even the very happening itself often remain as energetic residue in inter - dimensional space. All energy patterns left in a grid space near us affect us completely. So, in tangent with personal
healing, or personal life changes, we often bring a clearing of environment; energetic space clearing, land clearing and energetic programming of space.
The goal in land and space clearing is to bring the energy field back to a blank slate, harmonious and natural without any imprints.

One can clear and balance the
surrounding fields of energy through space clearing; energetically clearing and balancing buildings, land areas and ethereal, dimensional planes; through many different techniques. A clear and balanced energetic space supports clarity and balance in our beings and in our lives. Space clearing, is the very first part of this process and entails energetic clearing and balancing of ethereal space, multi - dimensional and inter - dimensional space, third dimensional space, multi - dimensional time; which is all usually about the space of rooms and the physical structures of buildings, from whatever has happened there and still lingers as energetic patterns. Connected to the space clearing process is almost always the clearing of time and space of land areas connected to the building(s). In a clearing of a person’s life most often the external spaces that need clearing are people’s homes but sometimes also work places and family member’s homes and work places.

Before one clears and energizes any building, the land and surrounding land area sometimes also needs to be cleansed and harmonized, so the first thing to direct attention to in space clearing is the multi - dimensional levels of the land that the building or house is built upon. Land areas often need to be cleansed from energies of events that have taken place on that land in the past such as strongly emotional, aggressive or violent human interaction, war, sacred blood offerings on ancient holy sites, the energy and souls from old burial grounds from however far back in time, spells, witchcraft, sorcery and so on. Untreated these energies still affect us and our lives disturbingly on a subatomic or ethereal level and bring serious imbalance whether we believe in it or not or know of it or not.

In many cases, on the country side especially, before a building is erected, one ought to also tune in with and communicate with the nature spirits of the area for co - operation and permission. Nature spirits that live on land where a building now sits may create disturbance, they were there before any of us arrived and may cause mayhem, grief and complications in many ways in people’s lives if not acknowledged, respected and honored. They usually feel their space has been invaded since today’s builders do no longer care or believe that they exist and just build over any ground with loud and noisy equipment without connecting with the inhabitants or the land itself asking permission to share the space or land area. If a building is already in place, we may still contact the nature spirits of the area and create a contract of balance and peace with them and the land.

After a land clearing is complete one may guard the land area and multi - dimensionally program into it the experiences one wants to have take place there; protection, peace, quiet, stillness, harmony, love, social activities, creativity and so on. One of the many names for this is warding, particularly the specialized, deep, multi - dimensional protection of the space of land areas.

Space clearing is, of course, similar to land clearing, it’s just about location. Space clearing deals with buildings, structures and objects. The residual energies of thought forms, beliefs, strong emotions, interactions between people, events, people's actions, secrets and attitudes linger in the field of energy and register as imprints in walls, floors and ceilings and even objects, such as furniture, clothes and jewelry, new as well as old, and can be felt and can be very disturbing. Without knowledge of these influences one may think the disturbance or imbalance is ones own manifestation or fault. Space clearing almost always include assisting trapped spirits, ghosts, departed loved ones or other kind of astral, darker or lower level entities, to depart, to go back to their original places or into the light. Spirits and beings of all kinds may create disturbance in a household or business and assisting them to leave can be very life changing for whomever live or work in a building.

It is also very important to look for inter - dimensional portals in a building that open either away from or into other dimensions in the structure of the grid patterns that make up a certain space. Portals may open from our dimension into any other dimension and leak vital energy out from a room or a house, for example, or a portal may open into our dimension from another dimension and allow for anything to come into our space that we may not want; all sorts of disturbance and interference, lower vibrations, disturbing beings of all kinds. Inter dimensional doorways ought to be closed and traffic of astral beings and ghosts, people who have passed on but have not yet reached or walked into the light, ought definitely to be minimized or ended completely if possible. So in space clearing we locate any dimensional portal or doorway and make sure the opening is cleared and closed up in the most appropriate and thorough way and then sealed and protected. Sometimes a portal isn’t closed no matter the effort, it can be about who lives or works in the building and the purpose of such a person or place. There are times when budding psychics are involved where portals serve a purpose, whether it is comfortable or not. So, in some cases there is a purpose for an inter - dimensional door way. It depends on who is involved and what is going on with them at that particular time.

Closing portals always creates more balance and harmony in our dimension and space.
The cleaner our living area or work space are from these influences, the happier and more well - adjusted we will feel and the better of a flow we will experience in our lives. We enjoy better health both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

After all the space and land clearing have been done, one may decide to energize ones space with the frequencies of things one desires to experience in life. Through a simple channeling in of new frequencies from a higher vibration or higher dimension one may bring into the newly cleansed space grid pattern and program it with anything one desires; such as the energy of creativity, prosperity, peace, balance, harmony, serenity, love, relationship, social activity, contemplation, meditation and so on depending on what one wishes to experience or strengthen in ones life. For example, if one desires love and harmony one can have these energies implanted into the grid of the area space. This supports and enhances the experiences of love and harmony in ones life, affecting all who live there. One may have implanted the energy of creativity and career success, or serenity and health, or happiness and forward motion, magic, multi dimensionality, peace, etc. Whatever different energies one chooses are channeled into this realm from higher dimensions, activated and easily made manifest by the medium into the grid of the home or work place.

When a space and land clearing has been done it is usually useful to seal the finished results into the grids and thus secure the new experience of this space and place so that it doesn’t immediately fade away or is easily disturbed by new forces coming at it.

Temple builders.

“Temple builders” was a focus I had for a part of my practice in the recent past. It was focusing on creating harmonious, balanced, beautiful and creative living and working spaces for people who felt a strong need for the sacred and for sacred space in their lives. “
Temple builders” always started the process with clearing, energizing and activating the space, using land and space clearing, space programming, and then continued the process with arranging the interior of space according to feng shui and beautiful design to change the current energy patterns and energy currents in people’s lives and spaces into space that lifted and supported all areas of life. It was about creating a beautiful and sacred environment in the home or work place, building a healing space or a healing temple that was energetically and harmoniously balanced and making that space sacred and supportive to people’s life purpose.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of object placement that support creating optimum positive energy flow through space; thus affecting ones life, health, finances, relationships, well - being and all other areas of life. It is based upon the observation of the flow and balance of energy, chi, in the space. First the balance between yin and yang of the whole space is observed, then the balance between the elements - earth, fire, wood, water and metal – is harmonized. The different areas of the floor plan of a home are aligned with their proper functions, the areas in life that they govern, affect, support and benefit. The individual’s birth date is taken into consideration when planning the direction of furniture placements as well as the decorative placement of furniture and objects to create the proper flow of chi. Proper feng shui will harmonize and balance to a great extent all the areas of one's life; health, money, social status, relationships, creativity, travel, friends, career, personal growth, family and so on.

Light touches of interior design complements the process of creating cozy, harmonious, beautiful and enjoyable space different to each individual’s taste. Designing in alignment with feng shui incorporates color combinations, lighting, removal of clutter, etc., creating a serene, functional and beautiful environment, balancing comfort to beauty, function to personality.

Some experiences.

The tools I use to create environmental energetic change are all levels of Reiki, sound and toning, Stargate energy work, multi - dimensional energy work, remote influencing, remote viewing, the support of spirit guides and angels, some shamanistic techniques, channeling and the ancient art of warding. I have seen remarkable results from space clearing, experiences I have had both in Europe and In the U.S.

In the beginning of practicing space clearing I used the Stargate and the angels mostly and mostly for the clearing of dis incarnate beings from our dimension. At the house of a friend in Holland I experienced a doll that kept falling to the floor from the perch where it was displayed in the upstairs stairway. One time as I had just walked by this doll sitting in the window sill, I heard it slam to the floor right behind me. I turned around and picked it up and put it back into the window sill. That’s when I realized that the doll couldn’t possibly slide down by itself and when I let this rag doll fall to the floor I also realized it didn’t make much of a noise at all, certainly not a great thud. Of course, this was in the evening after dark. I ran downstairs to my friend and told her about it and she just calmly sat us both down in the living room and called in the Stargate and the angels and brought in the tunnel of light and assisted the beings to go home. I was new to this at the time and was horrified to see ghostly people walking straight out of the walls, out of the wood pile, out of the woodwork, so to speak. The doll never fell again.

At another time, also in Europe, on an island in Spain, I was living with some friends in a small town where there was a lot of drug use. The town was overrun by a lot of hippies who spent their days stoned living in palm leaf shelters on a secluded part of the beach. They ate what the community gave them, peacefully just being and living under the stars. My two friends who also worked with Stargate and I used to do Stargate meditations every day in our apartment. One day we observed a land clearing of the island take place and spirits who wanted to go into the light came flying in from other islands and from the ocean itself. Many were old pirates and also others, heavy and pessimistic, tired of hanging around came and went into the tunnel of light that was made available through the Stargate. Shortly after this Stargate experience the hippies decided to leave and so within a couple of weeks, if not less, they were all gone and so was the intense drug use. The island now attracted more tourists and a new light and a different kind of peace came over the place. Prosperity blossomed because of the pouring in of visitors. The party energy was over and creativity and peace had more room.

In the late 90’s I lived in a modern apartment (at a cross road) in a developed area where, when I moved in, I found my place to be grand central station for about a thousand spirits and ghosts, all sorts, both from the area, visiting spirits, the ones connected to me and ones coming in from other dimensional planes to join the activities out of curiosity. I could not sleep at night for the intense activity that was taking place in my home. I burned salt for 21 days which helped greatly, then I used toning and the Stargate and cleared away quite a whole lot more and found then that my whole neighborhood was built over an ancient burial ground more than 600 - 800 years old. The restless spirits created great disturbance for all who lived in the area. Assisting them to leave and so giving them peace changed the atmosphere drastically in the whole neighborhood. Peace, light and affluence were brought in and people began to sit around and smile instead of running around aggravated; the abuse and violence from the heavy drinkers subsided.

I have dozens and dozens of stories like these, to many to rapport on here. Just wanted to offer here an image of what it can be like.