Friday, April 27, 2007


There’s the world of matter. Behind the world of matter and permeating through the world of matter is the world of energy.

Everything in existence is first translated from divine mind into energy, is recorded in and as energy. Energy exists and moves as grids, patterns, swirls and fields. Matter is a direct reflection of / manifestation of energy and the manifest world is a solidification of these grids, swirls and patterns. Energy exists, one could say, on a different vibrational reality than matter, on a different dimension and can be perceived through the nervous system.

By opening to ones inner multidimensional reality one can train oneself to perceive all energy fields and sense the patterns of recorded information in all levels of energetic existence. Energy fields can be observed, read, and also transformed if desired.

Energy can be intentionally affected by our brain waves; our mind and our intent, which are also energy. A trained metaphysical, etheric energy worker can alter, affect and change the realities we experience in the manifest world by putting an effect on and altering energy patterns, grids and energy fields as changed energy patterns changes the world around us. When an energy structure changes its flow or pattern the physical world changes as a direct result. Mind over matter, if you want.

Ones outer life is a perfect reflection of on
es inner world, ones energy make - up. Changing ones life takes more than desire and actions sometimes. Sometimes it takes change in the inner world as well, changing ones "patterns"; emotional, mental, behavioral habits, subconscious beliefs, auric grids and so on. Changing ones inner world is necessary to have the desired change take place in ones outer life.

The amount of change that is necessary in the energy grids all depends on how the energy grids are structured and how much change is desired in the world. Creation, attraction and manifestation take longer in time the more there is in the grids that need to change. When more work and change is necessary, perhaps further out in the grids and relating structures, the longer it takes to achieve the manifestation of the desired results. This is why intent manifests in time differently each time.