Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, so, there are obviously beings living on the other dimensions as well as we live here on the earth plane and fish live in water. For example, for fish we are greater beings living in a higher dimension ethereally lighter than theirs that is separated from their world by a thin membrane. Sometimes the great human beings visit their realm to observe and then they go back to their own realm. Sometimes a fish is caught and brought up into the light but is then thrown back into the sea being told it is not yet it’s time. Some fish, with special skills that not all fish have, can jump up into the higher dimension, the air, and quickly catch a glimpse of the world above. It is exactly the same for us humans and the dimensions immediately above ours, or next to ours.

All the different vibratory levels of creation are inhabited by all sorts of beings. On the fourth dimension, or the astral plane, we have mostly disincarnate spirits, human spirits that have for one reason or another not moved into the light after departing this realm that act as ghosts, and we have elementals and other disturbing creatures. There are low level beings here that can be very interfering and create stupid ands silly chaos for no good reason. On the higher dimensions, the dimensions above the fourth, live beings of greater light; light - beings, angels of all kinds and what we call spirit guides. On the very highest dimensions (that we are considering from the Earth plane) live the ascended masters and arch angels and such, beings of great, great light. Each dimension, as we call them fifth, sixth, seventh and so on, each have a finer vibration than the one below it and so also are the beings living there each of a higher vibration. The finer the vibration, the higher dimension, the greater the light, the more wisdom and heart.

The positive and loving spirits of the light are very helpful and act as helpers to other beings such as humans. For us these are angels and spirit guides. They are everybody’s inter - dimensional friends. Every individual has all kinds of spirit guides and guardian angels that watch over one and guide ones steps and actions, protect one from certain experiences and help one through others. Each individual has many guides, several teams of guides from all the different dimensions. Each team of guides service a certain need and others service other needs. For example, angels guard and watch and sometimes very subtly suggest so whisperly soft that one doesn’t hear it but may wake up in the morning with some new clarity about something. Angels send love to their individuals at all times. There are spokes persons, main guides that will guide more directly and tangibly in ones everyday living and thought process so that one makes the decisions one ought to make to reach ones goals and fulfill ones destinies. Some guides purpose is to protect from danger and other guides work with ones life’s work and assist in the fulfilling of ones purpose. When one has moved out of a certain life chapter and into a new period of life one sometimes has a change of main guides. One receives a new set of guides that are more prepared or qualified to work with the experiences that are apart of this new chapter in ones life. One can also put in a request of a set of new guides if one feels one is not getting good results with the ones one has. Sometimes there is an exchange of helpers and sometimes there is not depending on what would in actuality be the highest good for the individual. These are all “spirits” that help and it is usually done sub - consciously for most people.

We don’t really talk a lot of lower dimensions but rather of shadow realms and these dimensions don’t really exist “downward” but rather “inward”, on dimensions inside dimensions. These dimensions have less light and therefore more shadow extending into various levels of dark. In these dimensions live to us the not so pleasant beings. Most people are afraid of the dark realms and the darker beings there and of what they do. There are many different levels of dark and different levels of demons, demonic forces and dark critters. The darker the realm, the more powerful the darkness of the beings existing there. And they very much walk among us and it is useful to be aware of their doings.

There walk among us beings that seem to us to be not so friendly and not have our best interest at heart. We find that there is what we call interference. The dark forces can be experienced through conflict, aggression, hatred, a lessening in ones life force, a weakening of spirit or will to live, a total block of creativity, depression, a sense of not being connected to God or not feeling in tune with the Universe, feeling compelled to follow a destructive path, being guided in the wrong direction and being challenged and disturbed in ones important decision making and so on. One will experience serious diversion from ones path or from ones goals. When one feels these things there are most times some negative interference going on which can be removed. Anytime when there is a lack of love, pure and clear, there is usually some shadow lurking or something lurking in the shadows. These beings feed off of fear, pain, confusion and anything that is in any way void of light and love. The presence of darkness feels like a contraction of a variety of intensity. Unaware one tends to feed the darkness what it wants; pain, aggression and more contraction. Love always feels like expansion and freedom.

Just as there are beings that help our progress there are these beings that disrupt our progress. We call these beings shadow beings or demons. Just as there is various degrees of dark there are various degrees of demons. There are those that are very dark and very challenging and those that are less dark and minor challenges. But that is what they do, they challenge us to grow, to commit deeper to our lives and paths, to try harder or be more creative and find another way. Of course there are also elementals, all kinds of boogies, spirits and ghosts that can be disturbing but they have nothing to do with challenging ones life and path, destiny and commitment. Even strong thought patterns from other people can create strong influences in the flow of things, which is called thought pollution.

Darkness tends to force one to turn towards the light. Being challenged by these beings strengthens ones determination to succeed. They in a way act as guides too, but in a backwards way. They are just in the shadows and seem more invisible and cryptic and guides one negatively, pressure one to reach ones goals. The plan of the dark is to hinder the plan of ones life or stop one long enough for one to receive additional information from the light or inner self in how to go about things. Interference can only continue to affect anyone if they remain hidden and undiscovered. One must see them, become aware, to continue to find ones way through the labyrinth of ones life.

Spirit guides and angels can help more directly when they are asked. Interfering spirits disturb anyway and continue to do so even if asked to stop. One needs to handle things differently with them. Straightening up the energy grids and clearing energy fields inhibit the effect of the dark, and disarming the dark by allowing strong amounts of light to fill the space and grids totally disarm the dark beings. Love is another powerful tool to disarm the dark and divert their attacks or attention. Fear is what calls them in. They eat fear and other low level emotions, energies that we send out that vibrate on a slower / denser level.

All these beings, of both higher and denser vibrations, are able to and do connect with the Earth realm, third dimension and with us whether we are aware of it consciously or not, then sub - consciously. Beings of higher vibration connect to our dimension more easily then we connect with their dimension. Just like we connect more and travel into the waters more easily than fish travel and move around in the air. We can look into the water from above but the fish only look sideways, into the water.

All shamans and metaphysical healers and seers work with spirits of all kinds. Shamans and healers are used to moving both in realms of intense light and of quite the dark and of all the degrees in between. To truly have ones power one is aware both of ones inner light as well as of ones inner shadow realm. It is the play of yin and yang and in our dimensional creation there is a perfect balance between the two, so far. There is less of an understanding of why this is taking place, why God would allow some things to happen or the dark to exist but it is all there for our souls development. All experiences are available to all and we are to find our journey through it all.