Friday, April 27, 2007


Aura is the shine of the light of spirit, essence or consciousness that permeates the physical body and radiates out from it. It can be seen as a silvery gray field shining out from the body about two inches. Aura is also the field of consciousness, that transverse and surrounds the physical body. It is made up of the soul, the spirit and the spirit bodies, the astral body, the mental field – the mental body and the radiance from the emotional field – the emotional body. Some very talented clairvoyants may see a variety of colors in the energy field of the greater aura. These colors signify different qualities in this field of energy.

The emotional body is connected to the first four chakras in the lower part of the physical body; the root chakra, the Hara chakra, the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. The mental body is connected to the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. The spirit body is connected to the chakras above the head.

I learned from my studies of theosophy in the early ‘90’s to observe the layers of the aura; the different fields that traverse one another and that have different reach and radiance. The mental body’s field is closer to the physical body that the emotional field and the spiritual field is closer still to the physical body but in other ways it reaches further. The astral body is somewhere in between. Of course, this is different in different individuals and in different situations.

I observed also that the field of energy, the aura, was not only layered in this dimension but also traversed into many parallel realities and dimensions. Full consciousness exists throughout all the dimensional realities and this can bee seen and experienced in the aura by developing multi - dimensional awareness. So when one uses energy work to restore anything or heal anything in a person one must consider the dimensional reality of the human being for full and permanent effect.

The aura, in the closest dimensions to ours, just like the physical body, has a meridian system called axiotonal lines. This system acts very much like the meridian system in the body in that it is a grid of transportation channels. The meridian system channels energy and the axiotonal system channels light and the frequency of sound. When these channels are open and free flowing things go well in the process of cosmic and spiritual awakening and remembrance and manifesting ones soul purpose. Keeping the axiotonal lines clear is essential to continuously access the information of ones heritage, soul history and incarnation purpose. The light channeled through the axiotonal lines touch upon cellularly encoded information that is then brought to the surface of ones consciousness as knowledge.

The aura also has chakras that gather, hold and send out energy into the field and its many dimensions. They act, among other things, as spin points and connection points in the axiotonal system and work with and through that system.

The aura vibrates with information of ones thoughts, emotions and all other patterns and dynamics of ones current life, parallel and past lives. These energy patterns can be fluid or stagnant. They are energy information that can be perceived by and translated by someone who has developed their skills in extra sensory perception and energy reading. The aura as a unified field is strongly affected by stimulants such as alcohol and drugs. When under the influence of any substance the aura expand immensely and become more translucent, the web that creates the aura becomes more porous and the effect remains even several days after a high. The porous energy field tends to absorb more from its environment than a normal and balanced energy field, even from and especially from parallel dimensions. Unnecessary and disturbing influences interfere with a person’s thoughts, emotions and everyday life. Possession and heavy interference from dark spirits is common. It is also quite impossible for an intuitive to be able to do a correct and accurate reading on someone who is intoxicated.

Just as it is tremendously beneficial to keep ones chakras clear and free flowing, it is of great importance to keep ones aura / energy field, clear, free, balanced and aligned. Clear energy affects the physical body positively as it transverses it and it affects positively also all manifestations in ones life. Energy density, holds, blockages or incorrect gatherings of energy in ones energy field are what create problems in ones life. Blocked energies in ones aura can be dissolved and removed through energy work, prayer or meditation. In most cases the aura is filled with many years of stagnant and stored memories of pain and resistance. The more that is held within the aura the longer the clearing process will take.