Friday, April 27, 2007


Shaman is originally a Siberian word that is used in modern times by anthropologists describing a person with a certain spiritual world view and depth of spirit and shamanism describes the spiritual practices of this someone.

A shaman is someone who has through intense initiation split intern
ally; spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and by this has become open to other realms and realities and now stands perfectly and permanently as a doorway between dimensions; between this world and the world of spirit. Major cracks in ones being, usually through life trauma; loss, grief, rape, illness, near death experience and other intensely life threatening experiences create a continuous deepening of world perspective through the healing journey that follows. These openings allow the shaman to begin to see the world in all its dimensions. Through many more initiations and guided instructions, a shaman learns to move between the worlds, to shift consciousness through the dimensional realities and to extend her awareness out onto the grids and reach everywhere. A shaman often continues on an inward ever deepening journey.

A shaman is someone who sees that all things have spirit and that anyone can connect with the spirit of things through their own spirit and thus affect the world around us. Shamanism is the practice of working with the spirit of all things, behind all things. Animals, plants, trees and flowers, rocks, the earth, objects and so on have conscious energy, power, which is used for different purposes. Shamans, as they stand in between realms, are also connected to and can communicate with the spirits or beings in the higher or lower dimensions, realms, planes and parallel realities; nature spirits, devas, angels, elementals, demons, fairies, spirit guides, astral bodies, ghosts, etc. A shaman knows that the world of matter, the world we can see, is not the whole reality and that everything exists in a multidimensional system.

A shaman is usually capable of moving into altered states of consciousness using slight trance to fetch information or have visions. The shaman can reach her consciousness out through the dimensional grids and affect change. She may move her spirit body out from her physical body to go and do spiritual work in some other location both in this plane and on other planes or both at the same time. Different shamans all have different journeys, of course, different experiences that led them to the journey, different initiations and different practices and no shaman practices all things. All shamans though have very similar, if not same, world views and perspective on reality.

From my shamanic perspective I perceive a multidimensional reality system that is infinite in all ways. This dimensional reality does not only go out into space but also inward infinitely into all of our beingness. As an initiate I work not with herbs or with the power of objects, nor with plants, elementals, planetary orbs or vision quests. I work with dimensions and grids of energy fields to find guidance and information, to alter and change perceived reality and experiences for the people I serve. To achieve particular goals the frequency and set-up of the grids of all dimensional realities must be cleared and restored to perfect balance; for full and permanent good function of flow, truth, abundance, prosperity, healing, awakenings, realization., well – being , etc. Grids and frequencies must then be laid out in the manner that will create the desired results. As a spiritual healer I use the energy of the grids and multidimensional systems to restore natural balance and healing of spirit and soul which affect healing; emotional, mental, financial, creative, spiritual, relationship and so on. As a psychic visionary I use the grids and inter - dimensional reality systems to perceive personalities, soul blue – prints, futures, health issues, necessary work and necessary changes and infinitely so much more.

I cannot explain shamanic training. Shamanism is more like something that happens, a path to follow, and training is something unique to each individual and is provided by life experience. One is never “practicing” shamanism, it’s more like a way of life and a way of seeing things, a way that life offers itself to you. Shamanism is what you are and how you live and see the world, how and what you experience and not so much about what you can do for others, not about how you can serve as that. Shamanism pulls you continuously on a journey inward and it is not about how you express it but rather about what you encounter within, what you yourself experience and how you transform from it. Shamanism is a journey through life. Life and circumstances teaches what is necessary and shows the way. One cannot learn shamanism from books or teachers but it is rather a continuous inner journey through life as an initiation. Training only illuminates what you already are or what you are already experiencing.