Friday, April 27, 2007


Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal life force. It is the trade name for certain healing techniques discovered by a Japanese monk, Mikao Usui, in the mid - 1800’s. He was a man who had wondered how spiritual hands – on healing really worked and by what means Jesus had healed. He traveled extensively for many years through several countries to find the answer and eventually found scriptures in temples in
Tibet of spiritual healing techniques. He found himself later in meditation high atop a mountain for 21 days where he was touched by a light from above that initiated him with energies, symbols and information in how to transmit healing energy and how to teach it to others. Since then Reiki has been taught and spread all over the world and there are now thousands and thousands of initiated Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters all over the world.

Reiki is a name used for the energy intelligence that flows from the palms of the hands of all people. This energy can be added to ones own body or to another person’s body and energy field by the laying on of hands or by not directly touching but holding the hands a bit away from the recipient. The Reiki energy will begin to flow spontaneously when one holds up a hand or gently places a hand on someone. This energy is a balancing force that automatically and gently restores divine truth and natural balance within all systems; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, chakras, creativity, activation of talents, memories, world service, life purpose, spiritual deepening, fulfilling relationships and so on. Reiki brings all things into alignment and there are no side effects.

The Reiki training differs from other spiritual healing modalities in that it offers energy attunements to the student / practitioner that activate chakras and energy channels within the human systems to allow for more and stronger healing energy to pass through the practitioner. The attunement process initiates the practitioner and amplifies many times over the natural capacity for channel healing energy through the hands and body. The Reiki I level of initiation doubles the natural healing capacity of the individual. The Reiki II level of initiation multiplies the Reiki I capacity 2 – 3 times. The Reiki III / Reiki Master level of initiation ads the Reiki I and the Reiki II energy levels together and multiplies that by 10. With Reiki long distance healing one does not need to use the mind to focus the light or energy on the recipient or goal but instead one activates certain techniques that send Reiki energy effortlessly to the recipient and the mind is kept open to observe the process and to receive messages and information. The Reiki attunement process also activate all past life training and experience in the arts of energy healing and the Reiki II attunements activate forcefully the practitioner’s psychic abilities that continue to enhance with use. From the day one receives the first attunement the Reiki intelligence begins to align ones whole life, all things begin to fall into a certain order and all steps that lead one forward on ones path line up in perfect order. All one has to do from then on is to keep moving forward.

The first level of the training, Reiki I, teaches the basic hands – on healing techniques and offers the student four energy attunements that activate the chakras in the palms of the hands and the upper chakras to a certain amount of energy. The second level of the training, Reiki II, teaches techniques for long distance healing through time and space. It offers the student two energy attunements and activates the student’s latent psychic awareness and abilities. The third level of the training, Reiki III / Reiki Master, teaches the student how to teach Reiki classes to others, how to attune others into all the different levels and offers the Reiki Master attunement.

Reiki ought to be taught in degrees and over time in order for the student to fully and completely absorb all the powers of each energy level, all the nuances and all the layers of every energy frequency that down - load with the initiations. When the first level of the Reiki training has been fully absorbed the student is ready on an energetic level to build upon that with the second level of the training. This way a strong foundation is laid for the most power possible to be embodied as time goes by. Each level has many aspects of healing energy that activates within the practitioner and it is a gradual process that takes some time and the integration period is very important or it ca be very overwhelming for the student to try to sort out too much energy input into the systems. A proper Reiki Master will teach the students the whole program over a period of several years to allow for the very powerful and necessary integration to take place and for full empowerment.

Reiki can be used for anything and everything. Obviously for personal and spiritual healing and growth, emotional balance and healing, mental clarity and health, physical healing and health, space clearing, manifesting goals, energizing objects, raising the vibration of food, deepening psychic awareness, and much, much more. Reiki will take one on a spiritual quest and journey that seems to never end but only continue and deepen. Reiki is deeply purifying and cleansing on every level and ads tremendous power to any spiritual unfolding. It is an incredibly valuable tool for self help that also can be used to help others, both for healing, growth and expanding ones life.