Friday, April 27, 2007


All matter vibrates. Different matter vibrates in different speed, called frequency. Speed of frequency determines density and lightness of particular matter. Higher vibration / speed / frequency matter have molecules further apart and holds more light / space than lower density matter which holds less light / space and have its molecules closer together. Stone has more density than wood, wood has more density than water, water has more density that air, air has more density than emotions, emotions have more density than thoughts and thoughts have more density than spirit. All matter vibrates on different frequencies.

Throughout creation, the infinite world of matter, there are many realities parallel to one another and superimposed upon and through one another. All these realities are called dimensions. There exist an infinite number of dimensions both outward into infinite space and inward into themselves. Each dimension exists / vibrates on its own unique frequency. Each dimension holds within itself several planes, each plane also with its own unique frequency.

Several dimensions may meet and merge through one another at certain times creating altogether new fields of dimension. Dimensions may transfer of themselves into and onto the connecting dimensions altering the other connecting dimensions. Dimensions may also change their frequencies, alter their vibration, and by that create new reality systems within themselves as well as touch and alter the connecting dimensions in new ways. We live in a period of such an occurrence right now.

Each plane and each dimension hold within themselves certain reality systems and when one moves energetically into or onto another plane or vibration within ones dimension, reality changes, what is possible and how things work all changes. Reality systems in themselves always change, expand, grow and shift. Nothing ever stays the same and so we grow and change with it as human beings.

Just as we humans live within the so called third dimensional earth plane there are conscious and intelligent beings living in other dimensions, lower as well as higher. We talk of the first and second dimensions where magical creatures live such as fairies, little people, elves, gnomes, devas, nature spirits, dragons, unicorns and others. We talk more often of the fourth dimension where we have our own spirits and astral bodies as well as the diseased that have not gone into the light, lower level entities, elementals, demons and all sorts of boogies, things that go bump in the night. On the fifth dimension we have the Ashtar command, space brotherhood and other E.T.s that help the people on Earth. The sixth dimension hold the Intergalactic Federation, the sixth and seventh dimensions hold beings of light of many kinds and with many different functions, beings living mostly in light - body and not in physical body with great and high consciousness. The eighth dimension and up hold angels of all kinds and the ascended masters. All of us have contact with these conscious beings in all other dimensions, some of us are more aware of this and others are not so aware of this. Most people call the people, our friends and helpers, in other dimensions that contact us spirit guides or guardian angels and there are also interference or demons whose work it is to challenge us to deepen our commitment to our path. We talk today mostly of the fourth to the twelfth dimensions but there are infinite numbers of consciousness fields.

The human being with soul, spirit, consciousness, mind, emotions and body is also a field of crisscrossing dimensional realities. As one works with healing energies and psychic awareness one is to be thorough enough to clear and balance all the dimensional fields within the human being to achieve the ultimate result and permanence.

Different parts of the brain hold different levels of awareness. Once the mind has opened to the kind of awareness used to perceive subtler realities this can be developed as the mind continus and with experience one will become able to translate each pulse of energy as a languag
es to expand in this particular area. Extra sensory perception uses the nervous system and the chakra system as perceptive organs and with training one can begin to sense clearly the subtler energiee into linear thought and imagery. This way one will develop the perception of dimensions, multi dimensional awareness.

The reason we do not see into the other dimensions with our physical eyes is that our eyes are not made for that purpose. Once the third eye, inner vision, develops one can begin to have glimpses of other realities. Just as fish in the ocean live in a dimension other than our dimension of air; we can look down into the water and see the fish but the fish have to change their perspective to catch a glimpse through the surface. Once a fish has been caught by man and brought up into the air and then thrown back into the sea it can say to the other fish it has been to the other side and back, has seen the beings in the light but was told he had to go back.

Change in consciousness alters ones perception of dimensional and plane realities. At some point all dimensions melt together as One Absolute both as experience and in awareness. This is called awakening.