Friday, April 27, 2007


A shaman stands as a door way between dimensions. The shaman’s place is to stand in the middle of creation and in full awareness of many of its interlocking dimensions. The shaman is connected to and has awareness of many dimensions at the same time through her / his own being. So primarily a shaman lives between this world and the world of spirit and is usually a messenger both ways. The shaman’s work is to effect change in the world of matter by working in the world of spirit. The shaman’s work is always spiritual in nature, multi – dimensional and metaphysical.

The spiritual practices of the shaman are rooted in Oneness consciousness; seeing that all things are connected, related and in essence one. The awareness of the shaman is in alignment with the Greater Whole and designs her / his work to gracefully support the whole and the big picture. She will be organizing matter and energy to continue to flow according to and in alignment with the Great Plan. The shaman will be doing what the natural order calls for. It goes against shaman work to try to bend anything against its nature and that goes for all things, including personal will and any goal. To achieve personal goals the shaman will always draw the process of manifesting through and in alignment with the essence of all of creation. This way, manifestations remain, are created whole and functional and not temporary or fragments of the goal.

The thought that all things have a spirit and that there is a spirit or essence behind all things is the fundamental world view of the shaman practitioner. On some levels a shaman will work with elementals, devas, nature spirits, ghosts, demons, fairies and such asking for assistance to put into manifestation certain goals. On higher levels the shaman allows spirits of high nature to work with and through her / him. On a high level the shaman will work with the nature of creation, energy and its grids and the nature of its flow to assist the manifestation of a goal. Even though there are spirit beings in both lower and higher dimensions and one may call for all of their assistance it is not necessary to invite assistance from these beings, it can be done and is most often extremely useful but not always necessary. A shaman rarely works alone when it comes to spirits but most often alone when it comes to other incarnated humans. A shaman will invite and allow assistance from the beings that most resonate with her / his own level of frequency and most of the time the ones that come from her own realm or some more powerful realm depending on what is designed to be set into motion.

To move awareness and consciousness into the spirit realms the shaman usually uses altered states of consciousness, heightened awareness that are achieved through slight or deep trance. Trans journeying is one of the fundamental tools of a shaman practitioner and is achieved through a multitude of ways; spontaneously, through deep meditation, time spent in nature, through dance, through certain music, through drumming, etc. Trance journeying is used to attain a shift in consciousness and awareness and through that reach out onto the inner planes, to extend awareness and reach everywhere, in order to move between the worlds, to fetch information or to have visions or to have encounters within with beings and to transform or learn from it. Before any work is done the shaman always reaches for deeper understanding and knowledge from within or above through altered states.

A shaman also pays close attention to dreaming and dreams of all kinds, dreaming being yet a deeper state of trance, altered state of consciousness. The dream realms are real realms in the shaman world view. The shaman sees that there are many kinds of dreaming; that some dreams are just dreaming and psychological purging, that some dreaming is really traveling different realms both within, below and above and that some dreaming is directly receiving important messages from spirit guides; about ones life journey, suggestions on what direction to go in, what to avoid, what people are up to behind ones back, what results to expect from ones decisions, how o handle certain things and what to expect in the near future. One can be awake in ones dreams and one can be half asleep in ones dreams and everything in between.

Shamanic work often deals with protection from unwanted experiences, unwanted energies. There are ways of controlling energy to create the aversion of things from happening; for avoiding the people and the experiences one wishes to avoid. One may create protection over a piece of land and property and build a certain field of energy over it that permits only the happening of certain things. One may program the energy over the space to make sure only certain experience can unfold there. It’s called warding. Of course, the same kind of energy protection can be placed over a person’s energy field to avert certain experiences from their immediate life. One may also collapse and take down energy grids that may have been placed on a person by somebody else, ill – willed perhaps or totally unknowingly, either way the energy of thoughts and intent from people can be attached to the person thought of and this can create quite a disturbance emotionally, mentally and in ones life flow. This is called spell reversal.

There are many ways of creating barriers in ones energy field that will ward off energy sent towards ones person. Just as there are many systems of psychic and energetic attack there are many kinds of barriers and protective efforts and techniques. Building a strong set of energetic shields in the layers of ones aura is absolutely necessary for the betterment of the flow in any protective technique. This both strengthens and protects the aura and strengthens and protects ones person. Shields keep out most negative energy and make a person much stronger mentally and emotionally and the spirit bodies so much clearer.

Shamanic influences move through all spiritual healing work. Shamanic healing work is always done multi – dimensionally; healing work that is done in the soul or in the spirit before it is done on the psyche, emotions, the physical body and the flow of ones life. With shamanic healing work one always look for the root cause of a condition or problem and then create a change in that cause and the effect is immediate in that which is the result or symptom of the cause. A lot of shamanic healing work is done out of body, often in an unconscious state, that permits the spirit of the shaman to travel across the globe and further still to do her / his work in the ethers, whether it’s healing work or work to create change for what ever reason.