Friday, April 27, 2007


Healing work has always meant for me using
the life force energy that flows from the palms of ones hands to assist others and oneself in changing ones health, well - being and life. Many people consider healing work to be the assistance of health and healing by any modality, such as modern medicine, acupuncture, massage, herbs and so on. In my world view and from my culture, background and training healing work was always the name for the healing energy that flows from within anyone and everyone and making use of it through the laying on of hands.

Energy work can be used for anything and so of course also then personal health and well - being. When one places ones hands on oneself or on another person there is an automatic flow of life force energy that begins to flow from ones hands and eventually through ones whole being. This life force energy is activated in the chakras in the palms of ones hands and can be drawn down in massive quantity from the Universe. It is the recipient that draws the energy to her or himself and it’s the need of the recipient that decides how much or in which way it needs to come. The healer is only a vehicle, an instrument for this to channel through and anyone can do it. It is inherent in all of us, a part of our human design.

This life force energy comes from creation, is stored and activated in our energy system and flows through hands, chakras, eyes, mind and spirit. All that is needed to allow for it to begin to flow is intent in the beginning and pretty soon it flows effortlessly by itself at any time when it is needed. Any healer can testify that they have felt the energy flow through them at times when there were people around them that needed it, even without their intent or willing participation.

The addition of life force energy is usually felt as heat, a gentle buzz or like really soft electricity. One may feel really warm or really heavy or even really sleepy during a treatment. It feels the same for both the healer and the recipient. It is common for the recipient to fall asleep or become very, very relaxed during a treatment. It is also common for the recipient to remember long forgotten experiences that shed some light on current life situations or begin to release pent up emotion during a session. It happens sometimes that the recipient has visions, travels inter - dimensionally or receives messages from spirit guides, angels or their own higher self. This is not necessary and doesn’t happen during every treatment or for everybody and is not needed for healing to take place.

It is the addition of life force energy that allows for a persons own life force energy to become stronger and be able to more rapidly correct that which is out of order or out of balance, whether it is emotional, mental, physical or life style conditions. Usually the energy will correct the balance in all areas of ones life since all things are connected and tied together and all things affect everything else. Most often ones spiritual world view affect the way we think and thus create beliefs and thought patterns, that in turn affect the way we respond emotionally and so manifest emotional patterns. This in turn create energy patterns in the physical body and in ones life; where rigid patterns in ones mental or emotional bodies create somewhat of a stuck situation, these blocks or stuck energy patterns may no longer support ones will or world view and then it is possible through energy work to change the energy patterns that hold them in place. Energy healing is perfect for the instant removal of blocking energy patterns in ones being. Since it is our energy make - up, the energy we radiate out into creation, that manifests all our life situations and experiences it is necessary to change ones own patterns if one wishes to make changes in ones life.

As one continues to practice and allow this life force energy to flow through ones hands and being for the purpose of healing, the capacity to channel energy grows and expands further all the time. The more one practices the more one is opened to do more and to know more. In time the chakras also begin to channel energy through them in ones healing sessions. Ones psychic and intuitive centers and awareness open and expand and the practitioner often find her or himself channeling messages through to a recipient from spirit guides or guardian angels and may begin to do readings of the recipient’s energy field. This spoken information can be immensely supportive in the healing process as it speaks to the core of ones being. Eventually the healing practitioner grows into bringing energy through her or his whole being and being able to direct energy with her or his mind and so soon becomes able to channel healing energy straight down into a room without the energy having to pass through her or his body at all. The capacity for working with healing energy always continues to grow and expand.

This is a work that is always done multi - dimensionally whether one is aware of it or not. Most healers have healing guides, spirit guides that assist in the healing work of the practitioner. It is hard to do energy work and not become aware of the world as energy and all the dimensions of creation. It can be a wonderful experience when one finds one is not alone in ones work with energy and healing but
that there is an amazing, loving support from other beings that support and direct ones work and life path.

* * *

Energy is the fundamental essence of creation, it is the
beginning of manifestation and all things are made up of energy. Energy creates the world of matter and changes in energy changes creation, the manifest world. Even thoughts and emotions are matter made up of energy and are thus changed by changing the energetic patterns that hold them in place. When we can change energy, move energy or dissolve energy we can create more or less instantaneous changes in our beings and in our lives.

Energetic patterns are stored in our chakras and our energy field, which are made up of many layers (mental and emotional bodies, astral body, spirit bodies, blue - print for our lives, etc.), and energy also flows through our energy field and our meridians. When we work with energy for restoring someone’s well - being or change someone’s life we work with the energies and patterns in the aura and in the chakras. The results and the effects of the changes that are made take the amount of time that it takes for the energetic changes to fully manifest through the connecting grids. Sometimes the results manifest quickly and sometimes it takes a while as there are adjustments made throughout the grid; release of emotion takes place, new thought patterns are formed or revealed and new structures for living are put into place and set into motion. It all depends on how thick the energy patterns that held previous experiences in place were.

As we move out energy through someone’s energy field it begins to dissolve and move energy currently present in those fields and the addition of energy automatically creates a new balance in the energy fields and energy systems that support healing, growth and transformation of ones person or life style. There is often a period of integration after an energy treatment during which there is a release of old patterns. One may experience tiredness, confusion, disillusionment, grieving, sadness, emotionally reliving previous losses, and other old experiences may surface that were held deep within ones sub - conscious or body memories and can be experienced for a little while during the process of being released. The deeper that the healing treatment reached within someone’s being the more stuff that may be experienced and relived on its way out, the more extensive the clearing process. This part is a cleansing and detoxing period that eventually comes to an end and then a new reality, both inner and outer, begins to be revealed and new life experiences begin.

When we change the flow, release the flow of the chakras the area of life that is governed by each chakra also changes. A free flowing root chakra supports material life and feelings of certainty and security and the blood. A free flowing hara chakra supports creativity, sexuality and lower body organ health. A free flowing solar plexus chakra supports ones personal and social identity, place in the world and the digestive system. A free flowing heart chakra supports self acceptance, self love, loving community, divine love and upper body organs. A free flowing throat chakra supports communicating ones creativity and wisdom, throat and breathing. A free flowing third eye chakra supports intuition, insight, knowledge, mind, brain, eyes and ears. A free flowing crown chakra supports divine connection, supreme consciousness and Oneness awareness. Our chakras are usually clouded to various degrees but with time and different practices we may all clear all of our chakras and thus make great changes in our lives.

The sub - conscious field of ones being is of great importance when one focuses on healing work and life transformation. This is a field of great depth that holds
massive amounts of information of ones being and ones life style patterns, all which one is not aware of. It is a hidden area of ones being that a skilled practitioner may tap into and begin to sort out patterns that need to be changed to support desired changes in ones life and well - being. If these hidden patterns are left untouched much of the desired changes may not take place. This is a deeper dimension of ones being that is connected to ones shadow self and also ones mythological story life for ones life.

Energy work can also be used beyond personal healing to work on transforming someone’s life, life style and life experience. When one directs healing life force energy into the grid of someone’s blue - print, which holds the patterns of ones soul journey through this incarnation, one can activate ancient knowledge, dormant skills and talents, and begin to reveal and activate someone’s lives work and personal and soul destiny. The personal and life transformation that then begin to occur can be very exciting.

There are many things that may interfere with ones life flow, such as past life memories and influences, karma, weak protective shields, holes in the aura, bad alignment of layers of aura, psychic attack, spells and curses from this life and other lives, negative thinking, thought pollution, spirit possession, split personality / soul split and so on. Energy work is really the only way to restore balance and free flow to all systems and functions of the human being, to create real and permanent change if these things are the causes to any of ones problem. Any healing work can only be efficient if the cause for a problem is located and treated. The symptom is never the cause and the cause can be quite out of the ordinary sometimes.

Anything can be changed with energy work. Usually one begins energy work for the purpose of personal healing, physical or emotional, which then lea
ds to transformation, spiritual awakening and life style changes. One may experience changes in relationship dynamics, financial situation and a growing and deepening alignment with the Universe, creation and God’s will for ones life. With continued use and practice of energy work ones life continues to be supported and a great and graceful unfolding of ones true life, true personality and true expression of ones life’s work continue to expand.

A totally free flowing energy field brings total free flowing of ones life; prosperity, success, fulfillment of purpose, expression of skills, greater creative flow, emotional well - being, spiritual awareness and of course so much more. The results of healing work is most often deep emotional healing, greater peace of mind, deeper mental clarity, a sense of calm and balance, spiritual insight, awakening to ones soul path, freedom from past life influences, clearing karma, releasing negativity, healing from sexual trauma, better relationships, alignment with spirit, a deeper connection to the divine, soul healing, active creativity, inner tranquility, joy, happiness, better over all physical health, a new and healthier life style, excitement for life, seeing oneself moving towards prosperity and towards fulfillment of the divine Plan for ones life. Continued energy work always creates continued growth and expansion on every level.