Friday, April 27, 2007


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. The word is used in the west to describe the energy centers that reside within and around the physical body. These energy centers act as spin points of energy, gatherings of typical essences, forces and life qualities. Each of these energy centers governs a specific area of ones life experience. When they are clear and open the life experience is flowing and graceful. A chakra can also store influences such as mental and emotional memory imprints and can become very clouded, stuffed, cramped and stuck. They can also absorb and store energy influences from surrounding areas and other people’s negative patterns, thoughts and emotions. When this is the case life is rarely pleasant and experiences don’t flow very well. When a chakra is closed down instead of spinning freely and radiating openly, that which it governs is blocked in ones life.

The most talked about chakras are the seven chakras that are lined up along the spine from the tail bone to the top of the scull. Then there are several more chakras lined up above the crown and also below the root. I have become aware of, as I have worked with people in private hands – on healing sessions, four to six chakras above the head and six chakras between the legs lining up many feet below the body. There are also chakras in the palms of our hands, in the soles of our feet, in and behind the eyes, at every joint and in each fingertip and the aura is filled with these energy centers as well.

Very briefly I will list here what each of the main seven chakras represents. There is so very much to read about this, to deepen ones insight into the matter. I recommend Caroline Myss’ work on the chakras called ‘The anatomy of the spirit” among others. The placement of these main energy centers are along the spine up to the top of ones head. The first chakra is situated at the base of the spine and is called root chakra. It governs survival, manifestation in the material world, physical safety and security and the reproductive organs. The second chakra is called the Hara chakra and is situated just below the navel. It governs sexuality, creative flow and forces, everyday energy, creativity, adrenal and kidney function. The third chakra is called solar plexus and is situated between the navel and the breast bone. It governs self – esteem, confidence, personal identity, ones place in the world, stomach, liver, spleen, gut feeling and centeredness. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is situated right behind the breast bone. It governs, self – love, universal love, forgiveness, self – forgiveness, compassion, lungs and heart. The fifth chakra is called the throat chakra and is situated in the base of the neck. It governs self – expression, courage, speech, nerves, shoulders, neck and throat. The sixth chakra is called third eye and is situated behind the forehead. It governs instinct, insight, intuition, inner vision, brain, ears and eyes. The seventh chakra is situated at the top of the scull and is called the crown chakra. It governs spirituality, connectedness to the divine, guidance from the divine, expansion of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

The eighth chakra is located about six inches above the head. It governs the soul path and holds information and programs of ones experiences and journey through life, myths and archetypes. It holds the tools and equipment for everything one needs to create desires and destiny. The ninth chakra is located about 16 inches above the head. It governs the light of the spirit, manifestation of spirit and light – body. One can send this light into the body and transform how one thinks and delete beliefs and clear out the emotional body. The tenth chakra is located about three feet above the head. It governs ones galactic and cosmic supra consciousness. It is through this one travels inter - dimensionally and galactically. I have sensed two more chakras far above the head, the eleventh and twelfth, several yards above the head, which govern ones inner being’s inter – galactic work and multi – dimensional existence.

There is a major chakra in the space between the thighs which governs ones subconscious powers (travels to the under world, etc.). There is a chakra in the space between the calves that connect past and present into one circle. It governs past life experiences and memories and cell – memory. There is a chakra in the space just under the feet. It governs the subconscious mind.

There are, of course, an infinite number of chakras in the infinite multi – dimensionality of our beingness and the first chakra is the heart chakra, the center chakra from which all else spirals. This center is about the fundamental energy and building block of this universe – love.

We use our chakras to connect to the world around us. The energy of our chakras creates our lives. One may become aware of the energy within ones chakras and begin to use them consciously to better ones life. The energy from the chakras infuses the energy field around the body with their qualities and also sends itself out into the surroundings. This way we do in fact create our experiences since energy is the prime before materialization and attraction.

Chakras connect to the nervous system which is a translation organ of perception. We do not only send energy outwards into the surroundings but we also sense the energy in our surroundings and the energy coming from other people. One may sense other people’s thoughts, emotions and even subconscious patterns if one pays close attention. Other people sense our chakras and energy field as well. When this sensitivity is developed in all people in the future, there will be no secrets.