Friday, April 27, 2007


An initiation is an experience that creates a
sudden and drastic alteration of ones energy patterning which then brings a sudden and drastic change into ones life experience, awareness, consciousness and world view. An initiation is always a change in ones energy first and it is the energy alteration that brings about new experiences. An initiation is always spiritual in nature and leads to deeper spiritual awareness and expands profoundly ones understanding of ones surroundings and current life experience. The initiation activates inactive layers of ones blue - print and sets into motion a new chapter of ones life and activates and brings to the surface additional layers of ones deepest inner knowledge. An initiation normally brings about a period of adjustment and growth, a period of integration which leads to personal empowerment.

An initiation is a part of creating an entirely new life. One initiation may lead to another initiation later on which leads to the next and so on over a long period of time. All initiations always bring about entirely new life experiences, are always a part of drastic life changes that can both be sudden and continuous. The path of a shaman or a seer is lined with powerful initiations especially in the beginning but also continuously throughout the whole journey. They are what make the shaman. They are what activate ones inner eye, ones extra sensory perception and expands ones vision and thus begin the development of psychic abilities and awareness. With continuing initiations there is an ever deepening expansion of the initiates awareness, knowledge and insight.

There are all sorts of initiations and all sorts of experiences that cause, lead to or trigger initiations in ones life. There are big initiations and there are small initiations, there are initiations that happen suddenly and unexpectedly and there are initiations that come from experiences that are lengthy in time. Life is full of cross roads that can act as initiations or one can seek out and choose initiations that one knows will bring a certain life change or life experience. There are outer causes for initiations; experiences in the external world that act as initiations such as the experience of extreme violence, rape, loss, accidents, a birth, a wedding, Reiki attunements, shamanic initiations performed by a teacher or healing sessions. There are also inner, private, personal experiences that can act as initiations such as a near death experience, sudden trauma, Self - Realization, trans - journeys, a walk - in experience, shamanic inner experiences that happen naturally or prayer. The event or experience can be sudden and quick, one can feel entirely new in one, moment, the very next second or it can be something that is stretched out over a long period of time such as a life threatening illness, loneliness or lack.

All initiations are always followed by periods of integration. The time of integration is of extreme importance and is what brings the growth and expansion that come from the initiation; the expansion of consciousness that allows for the inner knowledge to begin to surface; allows new skills, new talents and new experiences to begin to take place. The time of integration allows for the energies to rearrange themselves and create new patterns that eventually over time manifest new experiences.

Many times what happens inside an initiation is that one is opened to the seeing of ones purpose, ones service and life’s path and in some cases one is also being opened to being able to see the path for others. One is always opened to seeing within, to look deeper and deeper inward, beyond appearances. It is always about internal opening to a wider consciousness. In the case of an illness, for example, if one totally surrenders to the experience of the illness (yet receiving treatment, of course), light flows in from God into ones being and begins to change that which needs to be changed in ones life and awareness and begins to bring awareness, shed light upon, areas of ones life of which one needs deeper understanding. The illness acts as a messenger of what needs to be seen or what needs to be done. Any kind of difficulty has the same effect if surrendered to completely, one is to listen to and receive all experiences.

Initiations are on the deepest levels a surrender to the Holy Spirit / Great Spirit and a beginning of allowing the Spirit to work through one; developing oneself into an instrument for divine work. One often has the experience of less free will as ones life becomes more and more lined up for certain experiences and a certain purpose. As initiations occur many times over there is a gradual adjustment period to the will and purpose of the Holy Spirit / Great Spirit’s work. The integration periods are transitioning periods that rewire the initiate and realign one, over and over, more closely to the work and will of the Holy Spirit. The lessening in personal will is in the details. The rewards from the divine providing for, fulfilling and guiding the initiate are great and profoundly satisfying.

Initiations can be very unexpected, come from experiences that seem to just happen by themselves. No initiation takes place by accident but have everything to do with destiny and following a certain path whether one was aware of it in the beginning or not. This destiny is fulfilled through the deepest connection to God and it is the deepest inner of oneself that guides ones life to follow a certain road and come upon these mile stones.